Alpine A110 E-Ternité previews future electric sports car

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Alpine A110 E Ternite 2022 beforehand   4th   static Paris centrifugal  show E-ternité conception is simply a glimpse of electrical Alpines to come French coupé is reimagined arsenic an open-top testbed for an eventual electrical sports car

French show marque Alpine has revealed the electrical A110 E-ternité arsenic an intriguing glimpse of its all-EV aboriginal - hinting astatine the techniques its next-gen cars volition usage to minimise value and support agility. 

Unveiled connected the 60th day of the Alpine A110, it is not lone the brand's archetypal moving and driving electrical car, but besides its archetypal drop-top, featuring a removable extortion conception that has minimal interaction connected the car's rigidity and silhouette. 

Its unveiling comes conscionable days aft institution CEO Laurent Rossi gave Autocar caller details of the next-generation Alpine A110, which volition swap its mid-mounted turbo four-pot for a pure-electric powertrain - but stay a highly bespoke proposition adjacent arsenic the sporting marque launches a enactment of models based connected Renault-derived EV platforms.

"We anticipation to sphere the A110 DNA, and it mightiness beryllium rather antithetic from the remainder of the cars, contempt level sharing,” helium said. “There’s thing much akin than 2 electrical cars nowadays: aforesaid platforms, aforesaid electrical power, distributed to each wheels if you’re lucky, and it’s beauteous overmuch a substance of fine-tuning the output of the motors."

The caller E-ternité prototype is not explicitly said to beryllium a preview of the 2025 A110 EV, but it stands arsenic a showcase of the brand's committedness to the coupé's fan-favourite formula: compact, lightweight, dynamically susceptible and engagingly quick. 

As a "rolling laboratory", the E-ternité is being utilized by Alpine's engineers to research ways of electrifying its flagship sports car. The steadfast describes it arsenic a benignant of "resto-mod" and says it serves arsenic a "bridge betwixt a prestigious past and an adjacent much ambitious future". 

Based connected the aforesaid chassis arsenic the existent accumulation car, the E-ternité uses artillery packs from the Renault Mégane E-Tech – whose CMF-EV level volition underpin Alpine's ain upcoming electrical crossover – but houses them successful bespoke casings and spreads them astir the chassis for optimum value distribution: determination are 4 astatine the beforehand and 8 astatine the rear - successful a bid to support the A110's diagnostic mid-engined handling behaviour.

The cells measurement 392kg, but Alpine claims to person accrued the prototype's kerb value by a full of lone 258kg - putting the E-ternité astatine 1378kg astatine the kerb. If the eventual A110 EV comes successful astatine determination astir that point, it could beryllium 1 of the lightest series-production EVs connected sale. That's not lone bully quality for its handling characteristics, but besides its efficiency: Alpine claims a scope of 261 miles per charge.

Performance-wise, the prototype is simply a adjacent lucifer for the combustion car connected which it is based. It packs 239bhp and 221lb ft from a azygous rear-mounted centrifugal for a 0-62mph clip of 4.5sec and a apical velocity of 155mph. 

"No gearbox was disposable in-house" to suit Alpine's show aspirations, truthful it has worked with supplier Getrag to accommodate the petrol A110's dual-clutch automatic ’box for the caller electrical powertrain. It says this statement "makes it imaginable to debar a interruption successful torque portion remaining compact and light". 

To each intents and purposes – speech from the unfastened extortion and the bespoke rear platform – the A110 E-ternité is visually identical to the modular car, wrong and out. The compartment keeps its touchscreen, "state of the art" dependable strategy and clime power arrangement. 

The extortion sheet itself was designed and fabricated in-house and is partially constructed utilizing recycled c for optimal rigidity and weight, portion boosting sustainability credentials. A 2nd prototype features assorted assemblage panels constructed utilizing flax, which, Alpine says, is arsenic beardown arsenic carbonfibre but has amended acoustic properties.

Alpine has not disclosed however overmuch wealth oregon clip went into the project but has said the prevailing extremity was "to electrify the adjacent Alpine vehicles, and wherefore not starting by the A110, a paragon of sportiness known for its airy value and agility, wrong a realistic budget". 

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