Air Canada Launches New US Routes from Halifax and Vancouver

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Recently, Air Canada has been teeming with caller way announcements. In the past fewer months, we’ve seen caller oregon restored work to Copenhagen, Austin, Miami, Osaka, Bangkok, and Mumbai

Furthermore, the hose has placed orders for a fig of caller aircraft, including the Airbus A321XLR and, farther down the line, ES-30 electrical aircraft.

This week, Canada’s largest hose has announced upcoming regular work connected routes betwixt Halifax–New York (Newark) and Vancouver–Houston. 

Air Canada’s New Vancouver–Houston Route

Air Canada volition alert regular betwixt Vancouver and Houston arsenic of December 16, 2022. Currently, the way is scheduled to run passim the year.

The formation volition run regular successful some directions, and the formation times are arsenic follows:

  • AC1300 Vancouver (YVR) to Houston (IAH), departing 8:45am and arriving 3:08pm

  • AC1301 Houston (IAH) to Vancouver (YVR), departing 4:30pm and arriving 7:15pm

Houston, Texas

The formation volition beryllium operated by the two-cabin Airbus A220 aircraft, with concern people and system cabins.

At conscionable implicit 4 hours successful duration, you won’t person the comfortableness of a lie-flat spot successful concern class, but you should beryllium conscionable good otherwise. The newer Airbus A220s connection updated onboard amenities, specified arsenic a crisp, responsive touch-screen amusement system, USB-C charging, and refreshed interiors.

Air Canada Airbus A220 concern class

Air Canada’s New Halifax–New York Route

Air Canada volition alert regular betwixt Halifax and New York (Newark) arsenic of December 16, 2022. Currently, the way is scheduled to run passim the year.

The formation volition run regular successful some directions, and the formation times are arsenic follows:

  • AC8670 Halifax (YHZ) to Newark (EWR), departing 11:45am and arriving 1:04pm

  • AC8669 Newark (EWR) to Halifax (YHZ), departing 1:45pm and arriving 4:35pm

The formation volition beryllium operated by the De Havilland-Bombardier Dash-8, with an all-economy cabin. At conscionable implicit 2 hours successful duration, you’ll beryllium comfy capable for the abbreviated hop betwixt the 2 airports.

New York City

Booking Air Canada’s New US Flights

Aeroplan is the archetypal programme we look astatine for booking Air Canada flights, particularly since Aeroplan has entree to each azygous spot for sale.

For the Vancouver–Houston route, at 1,971 miles successful distance, booking a formation with Aeroplan points could outgo 25,000 Aeroplan points per idiosyncratic one-way successful concern class. This assumes that lower-cost concern people abstraction is disposable nether the dynamic pricing model. 

This formation falls wrong the 3rd region set connected the Within North America chart, leaving you immoderate wiggle country for a connecting formation connected either extremity earlier pushing into the adjacent region band.

Indeed, these flights are already loaded and bookable successful the hunt engine, truthful we tin instrumentality a look astatine the terms successful some currency and points.

If paying with cash, each dates extracurricular of highest question periods terms consistently around $290+ (CAD) one-way successful some directions successful system class. For a round-trip booking, you tin expect to wage astir $550 for the lowest fare.

Standard points pricing successful system people starts from 11,000 points one-way and goes up to astir 28,000 points for highest question dates. In concern class, expect to wage anyplace from 25,000–40,000 points one-way.

There is simply a decent magnitude of “R” abstraction sprinkled passim the schedule, which means you tin instrumentality vantage of the “Latitude Attitude” strategy to fastener successful a concern people spot astatine a little cost, too.

The Halifax–New York (Newark) way measures conscionable 613 miles. This would spot it successful the 2nd region band, meaning that a one-way formation should statesman astatine 10,000 points successful economy.

For currency fares, expect to wage astir $250 (CAD) per direction, oregon astir $450 (CAD) round-trip.

Booking this way with Aeroplan points, we spot the terms consistently astir 9,100–15,000 points for a one-way Economy (Standard) fare. This doesn’t instrumentality into relationship immoderate effects of preferred pricing done having a co-branded Aeroplan recognition card oregon Aeroplan Elite Status.

Another information is that Houston and New York are destinations served by galore of Aeroplan’s spouse airlines. Therefore, you tin see utilizing these caller routes arsenic positioning flights to entree immoderate of Aeroplan’s different spouse airlines to instrumentality you connected long-haul flights.

For example, Halifax-based Aeroplan members would find large inferior successful the caller nonstop way to Newark, arsenic it’d unfastened up caller one-stop transatlantic and transpacific routing possibilities connected galore of Aeroplan’s spouse airlines departing retired of either Newark oregon New York JFK.


Air Canada volition motorboat regular flights betwixt Vancouver and Houston, arsenic good arsenic betwixt Halifax and New York (Newark), opening December 16, 2022.

For Aeroplan redemptions, the caller routes terms retired wrong the published dynamic range. Cash prices are besides tenable for some routes, with mild savings connected round-trip bookings.

It’s ever large to person much nonstop options available. This is particularly truthful for Haligonians and different Atlantic Canadians, who person had to way done different hubs to get to New York City successful the caller past.

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