Adopter Asked ‘Why Would You Get An Old Dog That’s Just Going To Die?’ Has Best Answer

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Shelters bash their champion to assistance rescue pups find everlastingly families arsenic rapidly arsenic possible. Life successful the structure surely isn’t perfect and tin beryllium a spot stressful. But sometimes, determination are peculiar cases that tin instrumentality a spot longer to scope their blessed ending. 

Mitch, the Treeing Walker Coonhound, was 1 of those cases. But aft 7 agelong years of waiting, the 12-year-old pup yet recovered the cleanable everlastingly home.


When Mitch archetypal arrived astatine the Cashiers-Highland Humane Society backmost successful 2016, helium was emaciated and highly high-strung. But arsenic helium aged, and with tons of emotion and attraction from the shelter’s caring staff, Mitch mellowed. Yet, arsenic clip passed by, uncovering him a everlastingly location became much and much of a challenge. 

Sadly, the older dogs get, the little radical look to beryllium funny successful adopting them.

“I’ve had it said to maine by respective people, ‘why would you spell get a canine that property conscionable for it to dice connected you?’ And I said, ‘so helium tin person a location beforehand. It’s not astir me; it’s astir Mitch. He needed a home, and thankfully, we tin supply that for him,” said Theresa Shular, Mitch’s caller mom.

Despite Mitch being successful cleanable health, and adjacent appearing connected a TV quality conception that enactment him successful the spotlight successful 2019, helium inactive didn’t person immoderate luck uncovering a everlastingly family. But a video the structure precocious posted to TikTok depicting immoderate details of his heart-tugging communicative yet helped him find a household of his precise own.


“I cried erstwhile I watched it the archetypal time. I cried erstwhile I watched it the 2nd time. I thought astir it and prayed astir it for a fewer days.” said Mitch’s caller mom. 

Mitch is nary longer Cashiers-Highland Humane Society’s longest resident. Nowadays, helium spends his clip laying connected his porch, soaking up the sun, and roaming astir the ample spot helium present calls location saccharine home. It whitethorn person been rather a lengthy wait, but Mitch has yet recovered a household that volition emotion and adore him for the remainder of his life. 

“I judge that if Mitch has a connection for each of us, it’s conscionable that: ne'er springiness up,” said Cashiers-Highland Humane Society’s director, David Stroud. 

You tin check-out a quality study astir this cute Coonhound yet uncovering himself a happy, everlastingly home, below. Best wishes, Theresa and Mitch!

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