Acura To Open Order Books For Handbuilt TLX Type S PMC Specials In Three Waves Starting Oct 6

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Acura contiguous announced that bid books for the constricted tally of 300 peculiar variation 2023 TLX Type S PMC Editions volition unfastened connected October 6 astatine 10:00 a.m. PT (1:00 p.m. ET). As the archetypal PMC Edition Acura offered successful much than 1 color, that won’t beryllium the past clip bid books unfastened for the car.

Acura said that it volition lone unfastened bid books for the 100 TLX Type S PMC Editions that are being built successful Curva Red. It volition past instrumentality orders for the 100 examples finished successful 130R White connected November 9. The last 100 examples of the peculiar edition, finished successful Long Beach Blue, volition beryllium offered connected December 8.

These 300 cars volition each beryllium handbuilt by the aforesaid technicians who physique the Acura NSX Type S astatine the automaker’s Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) successful Ohio. In summation to the colors and the adjacent attraction to detail, the exemplary besides gets Berlina Black overgarment connected the roof, antenna, and doorway handles. The exhausts, meanwhile, are finished successful achromatic chrome.

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The cars volition each besides get 20-inch Y-spoke lightweight wheels that were inspired by the NSX. They are painted with a caller copper decorativeness that is being utilized for the archetypal clip connected an Acura vehicle. The look is finished disconnected by gloss c fibre trim pieces, specified arsenic the platform lid spoiler, the rear diffuser, and the little broadside sill garnish.

Carbon fibre trim elements proceed wrong the TLX Type S PMC Edition and they’re joined by illuminated broadside sills and premium level mats with Type S badging. The cars finished successful Curva Red diagnostic an Ebony interior that is highlighted by reddish opposition stitching. The 130R White cars get an exclusive Red interior, portion the Long Beach Blue cars get an Orchid interior with bluish opposition stitching.

Before each exemplary is delivered, it gets the aforesaid attraction arsenic the NSX, which includes a dyno check, a overgarment inspection, and a rough-road simulation. Each car is shipped from the mill with a specially designed car screen to support its paint, and each reaches the trader successful an enclosed single-car carrier.

Acura says that the MSRP is expected to beryllium successful the low-to-mid $60,000 range, but offers nary much details.

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