A Bitcoiner’s Guide To Bitcoin Amsterdam

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The largest Bitcoin lone gathering successful Europe is happening successful 1 week — present is everything you request to cognize astir it.

This is an sentiment editorial by Chris Smith, the events ticketing manager for BTC Inc. Disclaimer: BTC Inc. is the genitor institution of Bitcoin Magazine and the Bitcoin Conference.

A batch has happened successful the past 3 months since Bitcoin Amsterdam was announced. An orangish question has taken implicit the metropolis arsenic Bitcoiners from astir the satellite descend upon the city. With implicit 100 speakers confirmed and implicit 3,000 radical expected on-site, it looks similar we volition beryllium celebrating the Bitcoin wintertime tempest successful the Venice of the North.

As discussed successful my erstwhile piece, “The Bitcoin Conference And The Pursuit Of Hyperbitcoinization,” I tried to reply a fewer questions specified as:
What is hyperbitcoinization? Why did we take Amsterdam? And wherefore spell planetary with the Bitcoin Conference?

With this piece, I purpose to bring a circumstantial absorption to Bitcoin Amsterdam and item what I judge volition beryllium a existent spark successful the acceleration of hyperbitcoinization successful Europe. I volition screen 2 antithetic topics: experiences and opportunities. Bitcoin is champion successful person, and Bitcoin Amsterdam aims to beryllium that constituent erstwhile again.

A Lineup To Be Excited About

With a 2 day, action-packed talker lineup, a full-blown creation assemblage and the European installment of Sound Money Fest, I judge determination volition beryllium nary shortage of experiences to beryllium had astatine Bitcoin Amsterdam. If you were contiguous successful Miami, you tin expect the aforesaid energy, but this clip with a European flare. In concern with Amsterdam Decentralized, the Bitcoin Conference has planned 3 days of a afloat docket focusing connected grassroots Bitcoin adoption combined with the freedom-first ethos that the Benelux portion is known for. Here are immoderate of my favourite docket highlights that you won’t privation to miss!


Location: Moon Arena (Main Stage)

Guest(s): Nigel Farage and Peter McCormack

Nigel Farage volition articulation Peter McCormack connected the main signifier to sermon decentralization and however to marque Europe much financially competitive. “Farage” connected GB News volition beryllium airing unrecorded connected Thursday, October 13, the 2nd G.A. time of the event, astatine 8 p.m. (GMT+2).

“This is an accidental to aftermath radical up to the information that Bitcoin is simply a reality, and it’s present to stay.” said Nigel Farage, erstwhile asked astir his upcoming quality astatine the event. “I americium looking guardant to coming on and broadcasting my GB News amusement unrecorded from the league successful Amsterdam.”

“Free Assange”

Location: Moon Arena (Main Stage)

Guest(s): Stella Assange

One of my astir anticipated and breathtaking talks of the league volition beryllium the accidental to perceive Stella Assange sermon Bitcoin, her husband's communicative and however the 2 connect. This is simply a can’t miss discussion. Catch it astatine 3:15 p.m. connected the archetypal G.A. time of the event.

“The Struggle For Freedom”

Location: Moon Arena (Main Stage)

Guest(s): Leopoldo López and Alex Gladstein

Another highly anticipated fireside chat is simply a speech betwixt Leopoldo López and Alex Gladstein, which volition diagnostic a treatment connected the conflict for freedom. Specifically, López and Gladstein purpose to showcase however bitcoin volition play a cardinal relation successful establishing state successful parts of the satellite wherever determination presently is none. This chat volition hap astatine 1:30 p.m. connected G.A. Day 2.

“The Future Of Sidechains”

Location: Moon Arena (Main Stage)

Guest(s): Adam Back, Aaron van Wirdum and Paul Sztorc

I indispensable admit, this is the sheet I americium looking guardant to the most. Anytime I person the accidental to perceive superb minds specified arsenic Back, van Wirdum and Stork sermon high-level topics successful Bitcoin, I ever consciousness FOMO to beryllium successful attendance. Be definite to halt by the main signifier connected G.A. Day 1 astatine 11:55 a.m. to perceive much astir "The Future Of Sidechains."

“Has Bitcoin’s Inflation Hedge Narrative Failed?”

Location: Moon Arena (Main Stage)

Guest(s): Jeff Booth, Niko Jilch, Greg Foss and Prince Philip of Serbia

At 10:10 a.m. connected the archetypal G.A. day, attendees volition beryllium capable to perceive to a speech astir the highly debated taxable of Bitcoin arsenic a hedge against inflation. Jeff Booth and Greg Foss some bring unthinkable speech astir hazard management, portion Jilch and Prince Philip of Serbia volition bring expertise successful European concern and policy. This operation is 1 to look guardant to, and luckily, it’s the archetypal sheet connected the agenda.

“Why Bitcoin? Understanding The Macro Landscape”

Location: The Deep Sessions (*Requires Whale Pass)

Guest(s): Dylan LeClair

The macro scenery has been incredibly dynamic lately, and bitcoin has experienced volatility successful the mediate of it. LeClair, an adept successful macroeconomics and caput of marketplace probe astatine Bitcoin Magazine Pro, volition beryllium providing a precocious awesome treatment regarding this astatine 2:15 p.m. connected the archetypal G.A. time of the event. A Whale Pass is required for this fireside chat — you tin spot each the awesome additions you get with this walk here.

“Bitcoin’s Media Problem”

Location: Moon Arena (Main Stage)

Guest(s): Daniel Prince, Pete Rizzo, Joe Hall, Izabella Kaminska and Jemima Kelly

With caller contention down Jemima Kelly’s recent nonfiction successful the Financial Times, Pete Rizzo’s recent nonfiction connected Bitcoin Maximalism, positive the summation of a fewer of the astir highly regarded journalists successful the industry, this sheet aims to look the contention head-on and enactment the sound aside. Bitcoin Amsterdam aims to supply a spot wherever each opinions are invited and treatment is encouraged, and this sheet looks to clasp that conception to the fullest. Check it retired astatine 9:55 a.m. connected G.A. Day 2.

More Than Just Panels

Alongside the docket and the astonishing panels that are planned, determination is much to the event's acquisition than conscionable what you volition perceive onstage. Here are a fewer further highlights of activities that you volition privation to cheque retired erstwhile you get to the venue.

Bitcoin Boat Tours

I deliberation that 1 of the champion activities to bash successful Amsterdam is simply a vessel tour, and it is breathtaking that these volition beryllium disposable astatine Bitcoin Amsterdam (sponsored by Ledn). This volition beryllium a large accidental to web with imaginable clients, summation concern improvement oregon get person to your team. Make definite you cheque retired each of the accusation that you request to know earlier you go.

The Art Gallery

Last twelvemonth astatine Bitcoin 2022, artists from astir the satellite gathered to observe bitcoin and the accidental it gives artists to beryllium self-sovereign. Bitcoin Amsterdam aims to bring this nonstop aforesaid energy, but with an accent connected European bitcoin artists. A fewer highlighted artists who are attending are Lena, Pepenardo, Cryptograffiti, Mear One, Proof of Paint, Ryr, Zetra, Tommy Marcheschi and truthful galore more. See much astir the attending artists and the assemblage here.

Image source: BTC Inc.

Side Events And Whale Night

In summation to what is taking spot astatine the venue, our events bring a unsocial facet to the full travel with “Bitcoin Week.” Bitcoin Week provides companies, media outlets, and immoderate idiosyncratic an accidental to prosecute their ain broadside lawsuit for the assemblage to attend. This is the team’s 4th reiteration of “Whale Night” astatine the section “Supperclub.”

Supperclub is thing similar you’ve experienced before. Not adjacent close. A vibing club. A feast for each your senses wherever you'll mix, mingle and creation the nighttime away. Supperclub is location to the brave, the wild, the young and the restless.

It's the location of unforgettable events and we cognize Whale Night volition beryllium conscionable that — unforgettable!

The European Networking Opportunity Of The Year

Image source: Supperclub

Apart from the astonishing acquisition you volition get to person arsenic an attendee, determination are monolithic opportunities for you to summation your web and get to cognize the Bitcoin manufacture better. With much than 40 companies, 50 media outlets and 3,000 radical expected to attend, this lawsuit is shaping up to beryllium the starring lawsuit for sharing news, networking and advancing concern development.

Here’s a database of 3 “must knows” to assistance you navigate networking astatine Bitcoin Amsterdam and beryllium the astir businesslike that you tin be.

We person a networking app!

    • To larn much astir the authoritative league app, delight sojourn our mobile app page.
    • You volition beryllium capable to scope retired to clients, acceptable up meetings and laic retired your full lawsuit docket each wrong our networking app.
    • If you are looking for a occupation successful the bitcoin industry, this is the app for you.

There volition beryllium an accumulation hall!

    • The accumulation hallway volition beryllium the champion spot to web astatine the event. Visit your favourite bitcoin companies, conscionable their teams and spot what they are building!

The lawsuit is an “open campus!”

    • An “open campus” means that galore of the activities volition travel from gathering to gathering and the full tract volition beryllium unfastened to locomotion around, sprout interviews and web with others successful the industry.

Bitcoin Amsterdam is going to beryllium the spot to network. Doing things past 2nd astatine conferences is typically precise stressful and unsuccessful. Make definite to spell successful with a plan. Don’t beryllium acrophobic to travel up with your connections aft the league and program to conscionable them again astatine our Miami lawsuit successful May 2023!

Wrapping Things Up

Bitcoin Amsterdam is going to beryllium a 3 time extravaganza. If it is not presently connected your agenda, past it needs to be! If you made it done this nonfiction and privation to attend, I’m blessed to springiness a peculiar 21% discount for each readers with codification “ARTICLE21.”

To conclude, present are immoderate much thoughts astir Bitcoin Amsterdam from David Bailey, the CEO of Bitcoin Magazine:

“While Europe is lagging down different regions successful presumption of regulatory and governmental acceptance, request from mean investors and institutions is among the highest successful the world.

What’s more, the continent’s important Bitcoin developer and innovator assemblage is helping signifier the aboriginal of the world’s preeminent integer currency — and which continues to rise.

Europe has been astatine the forefront of fiscal and technological innovation for implicit 500 years, with Amsterdam playing a peculiarly noteworthy relation successful the improvement of modern banking, making it the cleanable prime for our archetypal European event.

While Europe’s regulators person been truthful acold dilatory to clasp the imaginable of Bitcoin, the operation of the continent’s past and its continued precocious request for Bitcoin means that our assemblage tin springiness the support, collaboration and absorption that European governments are truthful signally failing to provide, and unneurotic prosecute our shared extremity of Hyperbitcoinization.”

This is simply a impermanent station by Chris Smith. Opinions expressed are wholly their ain and bash not needfully bespeak those of BTC Inc oregon Bitcoin Magazine.

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