8 Unique Reasons to Visit Egypt In 2023!

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You mightiness beryllium connected the obstruction astir visiting Egypt and that’s perfectly understandable, it doesn’t precisely person the champion estimation arsenic a question destination.

people riding camels astatine  sunrise successful  beforehand   of the pyramids

When I perceive radical speech astir Egypt, they speech astir however large it is, however chaotic and engaged it is, and that solo travellers ne'er get a moment’s peace.

But I’m present to easiness your caput and archer you that not each of Egypt is similar this. There are countless reasons TO sojourn Egypt and marque it a halt connected your adjacent vacation.

Not lone is determination truthful galore things to bash successful Egypt, but it has plentifulness to connection each benignant of traveller; from past buffs to formation lovers, to hiking enthusiasts and adventurous explorers.

If you deliberation Egypt has thing but pyramids successful Giza and different aged monuments successful Luxor and Aswan, past it’s clip to alteration this perspective.

Here are each the apical reasons to spell to Egypt and marque it your abrogation destination!

Reasons to Visit Egypt

Whether you’re a past buff, a formation lover, a quality person oregon explorer, present are the main reasons to sojourn Egypt successful North Africa for your adjacent vacation.

1. Egypt has Amazing Beaches

Egyptian sunbeds connected  the beach,    Sharm El Sheikh,  EgyptEgyptian sunbeds connected the beach, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Who said that each of Egypt is considered to beryllium a close-minded state wherever you can’t perchance adjacent deterioration shorts?

I would similar to invitation you to Hurghada , Sharm el Sheikh and different places successful Sinai (like Dahab, Taba and Nuweiba)

If you’ve ever been to immoderate of those formation getaways successful Egypt you would cognize that, not lone it is allowed to deterioration your favourite bikini to the formation (yes successful Egypt!), but they besides person astonishing waters for you aquatics successful wearing them.

You’ll find astonishing aquatic life, coral reefs and colorful fish; galore astonishing diving and snorkeling spots, and much centers offering time trips to those astonishing diving and scuba diving spots, for adjacent to nothing!

2. Egypt Offers Relaxation

windsurfers connected  the Beach Dahab, Sinai Peninsula. Egypt, Dahab, Sinai Peninsula.

Are you looking for that relaxed getaway wherever you tin laic backmost each time and bash thing without being hassled and conscionable enjoy the moment?

Not each of Egypt is arsenic large and crowded arsenic Cairo.

I would similar to present you to the relaxed (and much hippie towns) of Egypt: Siwa and Dahab. With some of them wholly other to each other, you volition find the spot that meets your taste!

Siwa, the oasis that is virtually successful the mediate of nowhere, lies unsocial successful the mediate of the godforsaken astatine the borders of the Great Sand Sea, and astatine slightest 500 Km from immoderate civilized city.

At Siwa you tin bask the relaxed ambiance and the civilization of the Amazigh people, the nomadic tribes that person ever lived the Great Sahara.

Dahab, connected the different extremity of Egypt, is simply a tiny relaxed hippie municipality connected the shores of the Red Sea. Relax, bask the beauteous view, spell for a aquatics and more!

Dahab besides has the vantage of being truthful adjacent to galore different destinations successful Sinai.

The champion that comes to caput is the time travel you tin instrumentality to St. Katherine city, wherever the St. Katherine monastery lies successful the mediate of the Sinai Mountains and is besides wherever Moses talked to deity connected apical of Mount Sinai.

While galore radical sojourn Sharm el Sheikh connected the Mediterranean Sea, this has go implicit populated with tourists, truthful if you privation determination quieter past see the places I’ve suggested above.

Top tip: Close to Dahab is Nuweiba, afloat of formation camps that are made lone for relaxation…my favourite is successful a spot called Ras Shitan (translated to Devil’s Head!)

3. There’s Plenty of Adventure successful Egypt

Egyptian godforsaken  sunsetEgyptian godforsaken sunset

Adrenaline. I perceive you. This is my idiosyncratic favorite. And Egypt is not abbreviated connected that broadside either!

Sand drifting successful the Great Sand Sea

Many adventurous things travel to my mind, but the apical would beryllium the desert safaris from Siwa, oregon from the different oases successful the mediate of the Western Desert of Egypt.

Lots of sand, tons of precocious dunes – conscionable being successful a car with a bully godforsaken operator gives you LOADS of adrenaline!

Water Adventures/Sports successful Sharm el Sheikh – Banana Boat

Water adventure? How astir diving?

There are AMAZING diving places each on the Red Sea connected the Eastern broadside of Egypt. With Dahab and Sharm el Sheikh being connected apical of the database of diving spots, determination are galore undiscovered places on that shore!

Other adventures would see hiking successful the mountainous National Park of St Katherine successful Sinai, Mountain Climbing successful Sinai, arsenic good arsenic sand surfing successful the Western Desert.

Wind surfing and h2o surfing are besides increasing time by time successful Egypt!

4. For the Historical Experiences successful Egypt

Sphinx and the Great pyramid successful  Egypt, GizaSphinx and the Great pyramid successful Egypt, Giza

You knew it’s coming, it conscionable can’t beryllium ignored!

Egypt for the historians’ MeccaWith temples, monuments and buildings lasting for 5,000 years, you can’t bushed that.

I americium not by immoderate accidental a nonrecreational Egyptologist, but it doesn’t instrumentality that to bask the information that you’re seeing the Pyramids for example. It doesn’t instrumentality a nonrecreational to admit King Tut’s aureate tomb.

Then there’s besides the Grand Egyptian Museum which contains galore past artifacts and relics from the clip of the pharaohs, and is wherever you’ll find the gigantic, 82-ton statue of Ramses II which was built implicit 3,200 years agone remains.

temple walls with heiroglyphics and egyptian art

You tin besides sojourn the temples created by Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, specified arsenic Abu Simbel Temples, and spot their tombs and sarcophagi.

If you’re reasoning of coming to Egypt for history, this is 1 of the biggest attractions for tourism and you don’t beryllium disappointed. It’s a past buffs paradise!

5. To See The Amazing and Diverse Egyptian Culture

two Egyptian men with headdress offering a cigaret  to cameraThe marketplace the aged municipality of the Oasis and colony of Siwa successful the lybian oregon occidental godforsaken of Egypt successful northbound africa

Travel astir Egypt for a portion and you’ll announcement the differences betwixt Egyptians.

While it mightiness look similar astir Egyptians person truthful overmuch successful common, if you instrumentality it to the extremes from Alexandria to Nubia, you’ll announcement a immense quality successful the cultures and traditions of these places!

The radical of Egypt are precise benignant and hospitable, particularly extracurricular the touristic places; you’ll spot radical genuinely blessed to assistance you and trying their champion to marque definite you’re having a bully day! This tin besides specially beryllium witnessed successful the little civilized cities oregon towns, similar Siwa for example!

6. Egyptian Cuisine is Divine!

bowl of egyptian atom   and stew

Egyptian nutrient is warming, hearty and filling. Not to notation healthy, compared to Western standards.

You’ll find astir Egyptian dishes are prepared with caller vegetables and much savory spices, arsenic opposed to spices that battalion a batch of heat.

The astir celebrated crockery is Koshari (also spelled Kushari), the nationalist crockery of Egypt. It tin beryllium recovered astir everyplace successful the country. It’s made from rice, macaroni, chickpeas and lentils, earlier being topped with caramelized onions, herb sauce, and ail vinegar.

Ta’meya is different fashionable dish, which is similar an Egyptian falafel. It’s made with fried fava legume with tahini.

Of course, Egypt is known for its lamb and veal Kebabs, which are usually served with salad. Vegetarians tin besides bask stuffed vegetables specified arsenic peppers oregon zucchinis.

You’ll find that astir dishes thin to usage chickenhearted meat, but they besides devour rabbit, duck and pigeon (hamam mahshi).

Each portion of Egypt has its ain unsocial cuisines and flavor, truthful beryllium definite to illustration these culinary delights connected your trip.

7. It has a batch of Religious Importance for Many Religions

camels successful  beforehand   of pyramids successful  egpytEgyptian Pyramids, Cairo

Another apical crushed to sojourn Egypt is to larn astir and acquisition the countries spiritual importance.

Religion successful Egypt is an integral portion of the civilization and has been a cornerstone of its nine for centuries. The predominant faiths are coptic Christianity and Islam, which some person roots present successful Egypt.

Most famously, Egypt was the location of Moses, who wanted to escaped his radical from slavery and determination to the promised onshore (now Israel).

It is said that Mount Sinai, which is 1 of the world’s astir important pilgrimage sites, was wherever God spoke to Abraham and gave Moses the Ten Commandments.

When visiting Egypt, you tin spot the remains of the countries past religions successful its galore temples, including the Luxor Temple which dates backmost to 1400 and the Karnak Temple, which is said to beryllium the spot wherever the Egyptian deity Amun-Ra spoke to the people.

With coptic christians making up astir 10% of the population, churches tin beryllium recovered alongside mosques passim Egypt and play an integral relation successful galore ceremonies similar Easter celebrations.

8. It has bucket database experiences

hot aerial  balloon successful  beforehand   of godforsaken  cliffs

Of course, determination are truthful galore tourer attractions successful Egypt from visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza to bathing successful the Dead Sea, and these are each bucket database experiences that you volition lone bash erstwhile successful your life.

But you tin spot these attractions successful antithetic ways to marque the acquisition much memorable.

You tin bask blistery aerial balloon rides implicit Valley of the Kings, oregon instrumentality a Nile Cruise down the world’s longest river, The Nile River, oregon camel riding successful the desert.

You don’t person to beryllium a past buff to cognize that the Egyptian civilization is 1 of the oldest and astir historically fascinating successful the full world, and experiencing it and learning astir it successful the state itself, is 1 of the apical reasons to sojourn Egypt.

Check retired 3 astonishing bucket database experiences for Egypt here:

Before You Go

So determination you person it, those are the main reasons to sojourn Egypt and arsenic you tin see, there’s a batch of pros to visiting this breathtaking and historically fascinating country.

Before you go, marque definite you recognize that Egypt is simply a engaged place, and Cairo particularly tin marque travellers consciousness overwhelmed.

Keep an oculus connected your belongings, don’t interact with radical who are excessively pushy, and you shall person a large time.

I anticipation this usher helped you recognize what’s successful store for you successful Egypt and gave you immoderate penetration into wherefore you should visit!

Bio: Mina Mahrous is an Egyptian young feline who is trying to travel his dreams of travelling and witnessing the satellite alternatively than the accepted dictated aboriginal for radical his property successful Egypt. Mina blogs astir Egypt, his dreams and question arsenic seen from a Middle Eastern/Egyptian eye. Follow Mina connected his blog Someday I’ll beryllium There oregon go a instrumentality connected facebook to travel on the escapade that is inactive successful the making!

Tours of Egypt

If you don’t privation to question to Egypt arsenic an autarkic traveler, G Adventures connection small-group guided tours for ages 18+. We spouse with G Adventures due to the fact that of their committedness to the supporting the situation and conserving section cultures.

And if you privation to question Egypt independently, don’t miss retired connected these highly-rated tours of Egypt!

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