50 years of BMW M podcast - the fans' perspective

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AC BMWPODCAST promotedstory EP4 Who amended to inquire astir what makes BMW M truthful magical than the radical down the wheel?

Over the past 50 years, BMW M has produced a wealthiness of large cars: from the iconic BMW M1 to the precocious launched BMW XM, and everything successful between.

The 1 changeless implicit those 5 decades, though, has been the passionateness of the radical down the wheel: the fans.

That’s why, to observe BMW M’s 50th anniversary, we invited a harvest of hardcore Autocar-reading BMW M owners – and their cars – to a precise peculiar solemnisation lawsuit astatine Caffeine & Machine. There we asked them to explicate what, for them, makes the BMW M marque truthful special.

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