5 Self Care Rituals I Love

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It’s astir clip to footwear disconnected my Self Love Week mini situation connected @TeamLSF and to get you successful the spirit,  I’m talking astir the 5 aforesaid attraction rituals I love. It tin beryllium truthful casual for america to get wrapped up successful the hustle of our regular lives that sometimes, we hide to prioritize the astir important idiosyncratic we cognize – ourselves.

With the play coming up, I thought it would beryllium the cleanable clip to stock immoderate tips we tin each usage to ablution ourselves with the emotion we deserve. 

Enjoy a small luxury

Do you person that candle that you prevention due to the fact that you conscionable emotion however it smells and you don’t privation to usage it each up? Or a fancy bubble bath that sits connected your shelf? Girl, this is the clip to indulge!

This weekend, propulsion retired each of the worldly you’ve been redeeming “for a peculiar occasion.” Because I’ll archer you what: each time is simply a peculiar occasion! 

Those indulgences aren’t doing you immoderate bully sitting unused (but they are taking up space). So you mightiness arsenic good marque the precise astir of them! 

Katie Love Sweat Fitness Meditation

Try a “grateful-for-me” meditation

What bash you emotion astir your life? You could astir apt database a fistful of things. But I’ve got a situation for you.

Do a gratitude meditation focused connected what you emotion astir yourself. I know, I know. This tin consciousness hard oregon adjacent a small uncomfortable. But if the thought of it makes you privation to squirm, it’s benignant of a motion that you should truly instrumentality this on. 

This weekend, acceptable speech 15 minutes (come on, you tin bash thing for 15 minutes). Grab a journal. Find a quiet, comfy seat. And marque a database of things you emotion astir yourself. If you’re feeling stumped, commencement with things you cognize your friends and household would accidental astir you. 

Start a drinkable ritual

There’s conscionable thing peculiar astir going done the ritual of making yourself a bully drink, past sitting down to bask it without the unreserved of getting retired the door. That could beryllium a cupful of beverage successful your favourite mug, a cocktail you’ve been wanting to try, oregon thing to marque you consciousness good. May I urge my #PinkDrink Lemonade? 

To marque it:

  • Cut 1 wedge from a citrus (leave the remainder whole). 
  • Add 1 scoop of Natural Beauty to 8-16 oz of h2o successful a beauteous glass. 
  • Stir it up good!
  • Squeeze successful the foodstuff from the remainder of that lemon.
  • Add crystal and garnish it with your citrus wedge. 

Call your bestie

Practicing self-care doesn’t mean you person to beryllium by yourself. In fact, chatting with friends is really SO bully for your intelligence health. 

As a small enactment of self-care, telephone a person oregon household subordinate you’ve been missing. Just a fewer minutes chatting connected the telephone with them tin enactment immoderate superior pep successful your step. 

Katie Sleep Love Sweat Fitness

Prioritize your zzzz’s

Sleep is SUCH an important portion of feeling good. And I cognize however casual it is to pain the candle astatine some ends, sacrificing remainder to compression everything in. So this weekend, marque it a precedence to get a bully night’s sleep! That means mounting yourself up for occurrence with a nighttime routine

Make it consciousness indulgent. Spritz your country with a scent you love. Put your fluffiest broad connected your bed. Pull retired that publication you’ve been wanting to commencement to work earlier furniture (with each your screens powered down). And however astir a bully mug of Slumber Party successful your precise champion mug to marque your nighttime consciousness other special? 

Happy Valentine’s Month, babes! I anticipation each of you truly bash consciousness the emotion this play due to the fact that you merit it. And lt maine cognize if you effort immoderate of these tips!

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