40 Best Dog Halloween Costumes In 2022  

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Dogs dressed arsenic  ghosts
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Halloween is astir the corner, truthful this is the cleanable clip to get immoderate costumes. Not conscionable for ourselves, but for our furry friends too. If you’ve ne'er dressed up your canine before, it tin beryllium tricky due to the fact that determination are endless options. Most canine parents spell with the funniest oregon astir unsocial costume, but consciousness escaped to take 1 that volition amusement disconnected your dog’s cuteness the best.

We’ve prepared a database of the best canine Halloween costumes truthful your pup tin enactment this season. The database includes costumes for each types of dogs to guarantee you find the perfect 1 for your four-legged household member.

1.  Dog Mail Carrier Costume

Mail bearer  canine  costume

This is an highly cute costume for your dog. When viewed from the front, your pup volition look similar a tiny idiosyncratic holding a delivery.

The costume tin beryllium easy worn owed to the hook and loop closure astatine the back. The hands successful the costume are stuffed, and the wide worldly is polyester. This merchandise is disposable successful 4 sizes, truthful it’s suitable for large and tiny dogs.

2.  Cowboy Rider Dog Costume

Dog cowboy rider costume

This cowboy rider costume tin marque your canine consciousness elephantine erstwhile they’re wearing it. When you spot your canine moving to you with a cowboy connected their back, you won’t beryllium capable to halt laughing.

The plan of the costume is adjustable and cozy to marque definite your canine is comfortable. Four sizes are available, with options for dogs from 6 pounds to 70 pounds.

3.  Nacoco Pet Guitar Costume

Dog guitar subordinate    costume

This guitar costume volition marque your canine look similar a prima portion stealing everyone’s attention. It’s made of fabric and tin beryllium enactment connected easily. It is disposable successful 3 antithetic sizes, and the biggest 1 fits dogs up to 44 pounds.

The costume is not lone cute, but the benignant is versatile. It tin beryllium utilized for Halloween events, Christmas parties, oregon adjacent cosplay. No substance erstwhile your canine wears it, they’ll beryllium definite to cheer everyone up.

4.  Panda Puppy Dog Costume

Panda puppy costume

This panda costume is going to drawback truthful overmuch attraction astatine immoderate party. It’s adorable, comes with a customizable fit, and is made of brushed polyester fabric. Your canine is going to emotion it, and it’s going to beryllium hard to halt cuddling them portion they’re wearing it.

It tin acceptable dogs that are betwixt 24 and 28 inches gangly and person a girth of 30 inches oregon less.

5.  Teddy Bear Suit

Dog teddy carnivore  suit

Teddy bears are everyone’s favorite, and your canine volition bargain the amusement successful a plush carnal costume. The mendacious arms and the bow combined marque dogs look other cuddly.

The cloth of the costume is soft, and it’s disposable successful six sizes. Any canine betwixt 3 and 85 pounds tin go a lovable teddy bear.

6.  Dog Shark Costume

Dog shark costume

This canine shark costume is hilarious. Your canine is going to drawback everyone’s eyes arsenic they locomotion astir with a shark’s rima astir their head.

The costume is made of easily-adjustable velvet and fiber. Thus, it’s lukewarm and comfortable. It comes successful 8 sizes that are suitable for tiny to mean dogs.

7.  DC Comics Superman Dog Costume

Dog Superman costume

This Superman costume is 1 of the coolest connected the list. Your canine is going to go the astir fashionable successful the vicinity arsenic they combat transgression with this costume on.

The cloth is comfy due to the fact that it’s precocious prime and soft. It is besides disposable successful 4 sizes that are perfect for dogs six to 45 pounds.

8. Pet Spider Pup Costume

Dog spider costume

This spider costume is scary and cute astatine the aforesaid time, making it 1 of the champion canine Halloween costumes. Simply enactment this costume connected your dog, and they’ll beryllium acceptable for Halloween night.

The stuffed legs are sewn connected the sides to marque walking easy. The cloth is soft, truthful it tin beryllium worn for agelong hours. It comes successful 4 sizes, but it’s the astir amusing connected tiny dogs.

9. Captain America Dog Costume

Captain America canine  costume

What’s amended than seeing your canine successful your favourite Marvel quality costume? Captain America is truthful fashionable among people, making your canine conscionable arsenic fashionable erstwhile they deterioration this costume. The cloth is brushed and comfy, and it’s a large acceptable for medium-sized dogs.

10. Chewbacca Dog Costume

Chewbacca canine  costume

If you’re much of a Star Wars fan, this furry costume is ace cute. It’s casual to enactment on, and it has a tiny, dog-sized container attached to it.

The fur costume is made of brushed polyester, which is not lone comfy but fits good connected your dog. It has sizes for each breeds, from a Chihuahua to a German Shepherd.

11. Cupcake Dog Costume

Dog cupcake costume

This cupcake costume is going to marque your canine look deliciously adorable. It tin beryllium worn to each types of parties, and it’s going to springiness your canine the cutest look.

Four sizes are available, truthful marque definite you bid the 1 that suits your pup. The cloth is highly brushed and comfortable, but it cannot beryllium washed successful a machine.

12. Ghostbusters Movie Costume

Ghostbusters canine  costume

Popular movie costumes are thing everybody adores and rapidly recognizes. This Ghostbusters movie costume has applicable details that are cleanable for a Halloween theme.

Though it appears to beryllium heavy, the costume is airy and soft. It’s disposable for medium-sized dogs. When your canine is wearing this, everyone volition cognize who to telephone if they spot ghosts.

13. Lion Dog Costume

Dog lion costume

It’s clip for your canine to roar! A mane and tailpiece are each it takes to crook your canine into a lion. The fur of the lion is realistic and volition marque your canine look similar the king of the jungle.

This costume is made from durable polyester that tin beryllium washed easily. Even erstwhile it’s not Halloween, this costume tin beryllium a amusive outfit to astonishment guests. It fits canine cervix sizes betwixt 23 and 31 inches.

14. Cow Dog Costume

Dog cattle  costume

Imagine however cute your canine would look successful this cattle costume. The signifier and the tiny stuffed horns astatine the apical volition marque you privation to say, “aw!”

This costume has 4 antithetic sizes that are large for tiny dogs. Plus, the worldly is soft, truthful your canine volition beryllium comfortable. Make definite you bid the size with the close measurements.

15. Banana Dog Costume

Banana canine  costume

This banana costume is going to marque everyone laughter astatine a gathering. Plus, it’s casual to enactment connected and has options for a acceptable accommodation for tiny dogs. The prime of the cloth is satisfactory, but it’s brushed and tin beryllium worn comfortably for agelong hours.

16. Pilot Dog Costume

Fighter aviator  canine  costume

If you are looking for a canine costume that grabs attraction quickly, possibly this is the 1 for you. This aviator costume comes with the hat, tie, and sunglasses of a chill pilot. All 3 items included successful the costume are disposable successful antithetic sizes, but it whitethorn beryllium hard to support them connected squirmy dogs.

17. Security Dog Costume

Dog information    costume

The information canine costume is 1 of the astir comfy options since it’s a canine sweatshirt. This azygous not lone suits a Halloween enactment but tin beryllium worn passim the twelvemonth to support your pup warm.

It comes successful six sizes that are for dogs with thorax girths of 15 inches to 37 inches. You tin besides take from 5 antithetic colors.

18. Star Wars Yoda Costume for Dogs

Dog Yoda costume

Make your pup look adorable with this Yoda costume. It’s an perfect prime for immoderate Star Wars fans with furry friends. It’s made with the softest polyester material, truthful your canine volition beryllium cozy. Also, it’s disposable successful 5 antithetic sizes, but it’s champion for tiny to mean dogs.

19. California Costumes UPS Dog Costume

Dog UPS costume

This elemental yet charming costume volition marque your canine basal retired from the rest. It’s made with stretchable and comfy fabric, truthful your canine tin deterioration this costume for hours without getting irritated.

It’s perfect for dogs with a thorax circumference of 20 to 24 inches. This UPS canine costume is an affordable yet appealing prime for this year’s Halloween party.

20. DC Comics for Pets Joker Dog Costume

Dog Joker costume

If you’re a DC fan, this Joker costume volition beryllium your and your dog’s adjacent favourite outfit. It’s a onesie that your canine tin comfortably deterioration for hours. It’s a cleanable acceptable for your tiny oregon medium-sized dogs, and it’s highly soft.

21. DC Wonder Woman Dog Costume

Wonder Woman Dog Costume

For a superhero taxable party, you mightiness privation to cheque retired this Wonder Woman outfit for your dog. Not lone is this the cutest costume, but it besides comes with a chewable artifact to support your canine blessed and busy.

With a top-quality vinyl fabric, this costume is brushed and durable, making it large for immoderate Halloween party. It’s machine-washable and comes successful 5 sizes.

22. Rubie’s Walking Panda Pet Costume

Cute canine  panda costume

This panda suit for your canine volition person folks wondering if they are looking astatine a canine oregon an adorable teddy bear. The costume is made of premium polyester cloth that’s brushed and cuddly.

It’s casual to enactment connected and allows your canine to roam astir comfortably. It comes successful 4 sizes that tin acceptable dogs six to 45 pounds.

23. Deadly Doll Dog Costume

Chucky doll canine  costume

If you privation your pup’s costume to beryllium scary, this 1 volition fulfill that purpose. Your beauteous canine volition go unrecognizable successful this deadly doll costume. They’ll adjacent bargain your thunder portion wearing it.

This costume is made with brushed and comfy fabric. The details volition marque you conflicted astir whether it’s cute oregon scary. It’s cleanable for tiny to mean dogs, and it’s casual to enactment on.

24. Casual Canine Prison Pooch Costume

Dog situation  outfit

Troublemaking pups with blameworthy faces volition look adorable successful this situation outfit. It comes with a brushed garment and a chapeau with an elastic strap, some of which are 100% polyester. This situation suit comes successful six sizes with options for the tiniest Chihuahuas to the biggest Great Danes.

25. Casual Canine Hot Diggity Dog with Mustard Costume for Dogs

Dachshund wearing blistery  dog

If you person a Dachshund, past this is the Halloween costume you request for them. What could beryllium much cleanable than a blistery canine costume for your sausage dog?

It’s made with brushed and breathable polyester cloth that volition marque your canine autumn successful emotion with their costume. Even though it’s designed for short, agelong dogs, it has sizes that tin acceptable immoderate canine with a thorax measurement betwixt 8 and 23 inches.


Dog dinosaur costume

Give your adorable canine a caller look with this stunning dinosaur costume. Kids are going to emotion your dinosaur dog, making your pup the speech of the municipality for weeks. With a foam headpiece, this costume is lightweight and comfy. Also, it’s disposable successful 4 sizes, truthful you tin prime what fits your canine the best.

27. Frankenpup Dog Costume

Frankenpup costume

This canine costume mightiness beryllium spooky astatine archetypal glance, but it’s mostly silly and charming. It tin assistance your Frankenpup triumph a canine costume contention due to the fact that it’s 1 of the champion canine Halloween costumes retired there. It comes with an attached collar to implicit the look. The costume comes successful some tiny and ample sizes.

28. Rubie’s Pet Spider Harness Costume

Spider harness costume

If your canine gets cranky portion wearing costumes, past see getting this spider outfit. It attaches similar a harness and looks highly charismatic connected each canine breeds.

This is simply a amusive and casual canine Halloween outfit if you privation a elemental costume that inactive has a spooky Halloween theme. It comes successful 4 sizes, truthful each dogs tin beryllium adorable spiders if they want.

29. Forum Novelties Pirate Pet Costume

Dog pirate costume

This pirate costume volition marque your canine basal retired from the assemblage astatine immoderate Halloween party. It’s a colorful and cute outfit that’s lightweight and comfortable. It’s designed specifically for tiny dogs that privation to look mighty.

30. Glow successful The Dark Skeleton Hoodie

Dog wearing skeleton hoodie

Scary outfits aren’t conscionable for humans. Your favored besides deserves to look breathtaking this Halloween. This glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume is the cleanable prime for your dog’s costume party.

It’s disposable successful assorted sizes, truthful you tin get this costume for your canine nary substance what size they are. It’s a cozy jumpsuit, truthful it tin assistance support your canine warm.

31. Stegosaurus Dog Costume

Dog stegosaurus outfit

Make everyone question whether you person a canine oregon a tiny dinosaur with this outstanding costume. The stegosaurus is present to bask Halloween successful afloat swing. The costume comes with a assemblage suit and a foam headpiece.

It’s made with lightweight and durable polyester material. So, it won’t irritate your dog, and it’ll marque them consciousness comfy. It comes successful 4 sizes that are perfect for tiny to mean dogs.

32. Zack & Zoey Pumpkin Pooch Dog Costume

Dog successful  pumpkin costume

What is Halloween without carved pumpkins? To get the astir retired of this festive season, you should get this pumpkin canine costume. With brushed and plushy fabric, your canine volition consciousness cozy successful this decorative outfit. It’s disposable successful 5 sizes, truthful breeds from Yorkies to Golden Retrievers tin get one.

33. Rubie’s Disney: Lion King Simba Pet Costume

Dog Simba costume

Simba is 1 of the astir adorable Disney characters. To wage tribute to the classical Disney film, you tin get your canine this lion costume. Your favored volition instantly go the king of your pridefulness stone erstwhile wearing it.

The costume comes with a full-body suit and a headpiece. It comes successful 4 sizes, and it’s astir suitable for tiny to mean dogs.

34. Rubie’s This Is My Costume Dog Bandana

Dog costume bandana

If you don’t privation to bash thing fancy for your canine this Halloween, past this bandana is conscionable what you need. It’s the astir affordable and simplest Halloween costume idea, but it volition inactive enactment a grin connected everyone’s face. It’s casual to enactment on, and it tin acceptable dogs of each sizes.

35. Rubie’s Walking Snowman Pet Costume

Dog snowman costume

Halloween costumes don’t person to beryllium conscionable for Halloween. This snowman canine costume volition besides marque a splendid outfit for Christmas parties. It volition marque everyone’s bosom melt successful awe. The details and the softness of this outfit volition beryllium a show for sore eyes. It’s a comfy outfit for tiny and mean dogs.

36. Firefighter Pet Costume

Dog firefighter costume

Did you get invited to a Halloween enactment but can’t fig retired what to get your dog? You whitethorn privation to look into this firefighter favored costume. It’s a afloat outfit with a hat, and it’s made from axenic polyester worldly that’s highly brushed and comfy. It comes successful 4 sizes truthful that each breeds tin go brave firefighters.

37. Wickedly Cute Tutu Dress Pet Costume

Dog tutu Halloween

Your canine volition bargain hearts with this wickedly cute tutu dress. It’s a cleanable blend of cuteness and spookiness, which is what makes it 1 of the champion Halloween costumes for dogs.

The formal includes sparkles, polyester colorful fabrics, and delightful details. It comes successful 4 sizes, truthful each canine tin beryllium an adorable Halloween princess.

38. Batman The Brave And The Bold Deluxe Pet Costume

Batman dog

Your Batdog is present to prevention the day. This beauteous Batman costume includes a headpiece and a cape, each made with high-quality worldly that volition marque your favored look charming.

From the front, your pup volition look similar they’re a two-legged leader acknowledgment to the plush arms. You tin take from respective sizes according to your dog’s breed by cautiously going done the sizing instructions.

39. Disney Toy Story Pet Costume

Buzz Lightyear canine  costume

If you privation your favored to basal retired this Halloween, past you mightiness privation to look into this Toy Story costume. Buzz Lightyear is simply a superstar, and your canine volition go one, too, aft wearing this costume.

With intricate details, this outfit includes a jetpack and a headpiece, each made with durable and lightweight materials. It has six sizes truthful dogs of each breed tin go a celebrated Disney character.

40. Paw Patrol Chase Dog Costume

Paw Patrol canine  costume

Paw Patrol is simply a fitting costume for a dog, and it’s conscionable arsenic adorable arsenic you’d expect. Chase is simply a favourite Paw Patrol quality for many, making him the cleanable choice.

This costume has agleam colors with a backpack and a hat. It volition enactment for immoderate themed enactment and volition past agelong with its durable material. It comes successful 4 sizes, but you’ll request to cheque your dog’s measurements first.

Things To Consider

When looking for the champion Halloween costumes for your dog, determination are definite things to remember.

  1. Size: Sizes for costumes are antithetic from regular apparel and not each size fits each canine breeds. So, marque definite that you person measured your dog’s size and the costume size correctly earlier purchasing.
  2. Fabric: Make definite that the cloth of your dog’s costume is lightweight and soft. It should beryllium comfy and not irritate oregon itch their skin.
  3. Price: Although galore costumes for dogs aren’t precise expensive, you don’t request to acquisition a precise pricey outfit. Since your canine volition lone deterioration it 1 oregon 2 times, you mightiness not privation to discarded your money.
  4. Accessories: Always marque definite that the costume doesn’t person immoderate tiny accessories that your favored tin choke on. The accessories, if any, should beryllium harmless for dogs to chew on.


Since Halloween is conscionable astir the corner, you mightiness beryllium disquieted astir your pet’s costume. We person provided you with a ton of ideas to marque your canine look ravishing and outstanding astatine immoderate costume enactment this Halloween. You tin marque your favored look adorable oregon dreadful (or both!). It’s up to you to determine what you prefer.

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