30% Transfer Bonus from Amex US MR to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

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The Amex US Membership Rewards programme has erstwhile again launched a 30% transportation bonus to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

We thin to spot Amex US connection the aforesaid promotion a fewer times a year, and it has travel up erstwhile again successful precocious 2022. 

While the UK-based hose chiefly focuses connected the transatlantic market, its Flying Club loyalty programme has galore partnerships with airlines astir the globe, specified arsenic the five-star Japanese bearer ANA – and that’s what makes this transportation bonus a batch much interesting. 

30% Transfer Bonus to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

Until December 29, 2022, you tin transportation Amex US Membership Rewards points to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and person a 30% bonus. 

Points are usually transferred astatine a 1:1 ratio betwixt the 2 programs, and tin lone beryllium transferred successful increments of 1,000. With the 30% bonus, for each 1,000 US Membership Rewards points transferred, you’ll person a full of 1,300 Flying Club miles.

This transportation promotion is lone for those who dabble successful US recognition cards and person entree to US MR points. If you’ve yet to get started with US recognition cards, it’s feasible to get your archetypal Amex US MR card this month, though you’d request to instrumentality enactment quickly. 

Is This Transfer Bonus a Good Deal?

One of the optimal uses of Amex US MR points is to transportation to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and past redeem for ANA First Class and concern class. With a 30% transportation bonus successful play, this saccharine spot lone gets sweeter. 

You tin wage lone 55,000 oregon 60,000 Flying Club miles for a one-way formation successful ANA First Class, depending connected whether your US gateway airdrome is connected the West oregon East Coast.

If you’re blessed with ANA concern class, including its premier merchandise “The Room” connected definite routes, it’ll outgo conscionable 45,000 oregon 47,500 Flying Club miles for a one-way flight, depending connected your root metropolis successful Canada oregon the United States.

If you privation to instrumentality vantage of the champion imaginable saccharine spot, you should hunt for routes that diagnostic ANA’s brand-new “The Suite” First Class product. While there’s immoderate variance, you tin usually find “The Suite” connected routes departing from oregon arriving successful New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. 

ANA New First Class

Even if you don’t upwind up successful “The Suite”, you’re inactive successful for a dainty with ANA’s bequest First Class product.

With the 30% transportation bonus from Amex US MR, you’re truly looking astatine a paltry 42,400 oregon 46,200 US MR points to publication a imagination formation successful ANA First Class.

As a constituent of comparison, Aeroplan would complaint 110,000 or 130,000 points for the aforesaid redemption – astatine slightest treble the nominal outgo of what Virgin Atlantic charges!

(In summation to the US routes, you could besides publication 1 of ANA’s New 777 First Class routes to London oregon Frankfurt for the aforesaid terms of 60,000 Flying Club miles oregon 46,200 US MR points.)

If you person immoderate aspirations of taking vantage of this saccharine spot – 1 of the champion opportunities each astir astatine the contiguous infinitesimal – past timing the transportation astir a 30% bonus similar this 1 volition beryllium your champion move. 

Convert Canadian MR Points to Virgin Atlantic

Don’t forget, there’s besides the anticipation of converting Canadian-issued Amex MR points to US MR points for those who person an Amex narration connected some sides of the border.

In doing so, you tin efficaciously person your Canadian Amex MR points to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club astatine a somewhat favourable ratio. 

Amex describes this process arsenic an “International Transfer.” As agelong arsenic the American Express cards are nether the aforesaid name, points tin beryllium transferred from 1 recognition paper relationship to the other. 

When converting Canadian MR points to US MR points, the prevailing overseas speech complaint is applied. Right now, the speech complaint is sitting astatine around 1 Canadian MR constituent = 0.74 US MR points.

Factoring successful the 30% bonus to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, the effectual through-conversion complaint is 1 Canadian MR constituent = 0.96 Flying Club miles.

This efficaciously means that you tin alert ANA First Class for lone 57,300 oregon 62,500 Canadian Amex MR points, which is simply a overmuch amended woody than, say, transferring 1:1 to Aeroplan, wherever you’d request to wage 110,000 oregon 130,000 points instead.

To person your Canadian MR points transferred to US MR points, you’ll person to telephone Amex successful the originating state to initiate your International Transfer.

Keep successful caput the process tin instrumentality 1–2 weeks to complete, and each cardholder is constricted to 1 International Transfer per 12-month period, truthful it’s champion to enactment rapidly and decisively if you’d similar to use your Canadian Amex MR points to this December 2022 Virgin Atlantic transportation bonus. 


Amex US is offering a 30% bonus erstwhile transferring points to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. The Flying Club programme has 1 of the lowest mileage rates for flying ANA First Class, truthful this could beryllium a large accidental to fastener successful a aboriginal travel to Japan.

Booking ANA First Class done Flying Club is 1 of the best-value saccharine spots crossed each loyalty programs astatine the moment, and there’s nary telling however agelong it’ll past successful its existent form. 

Make definite to instrumentality vantage before December 29, 2022 to rack up your Flying Club miles with a 30% bonus.

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