25 Enchanting Things to do in Texas Hill Country in 2022

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There’s thing truthful peculiar and unsocial astir Hill Country, Texas. We hardly scratched the aboveground during our 9 time visit, and it’s decidedly connected the database of places to travel backmost to and research immoderate more.

The information is, Texas Hill Country is a huge portion that encompasses 12 counties and meets astatine the crossroads of West, Central, and South Texas. With an country this big, it’s nary astonishment that determination are endless things to bash successful Texas Hill Country.

Hill Country abounds with rivers, rolling hills and gorgeous authorities parks, and charming tiny towns. If you emotion soaking successful a blistery outpouring excavation by day, and sampling section wines from a vineyard astatine night, past you’re going to find these Texas Hill Country attractions close up your alley!

girl and kids sitting connected   Enchanted Rock looking astatine  viewEnchanted Rock State Park

But if you’re not definite what to bash successful Texas Hill Country today, past don’t worry, due to the fact that this usher has each the champion attractions successful Texas Hill Country arsenic good arsenic a fewer hidden gems.

Let’s instrumentality a look…

Table Of Contents
  1. What to Expect from the Texas Hill Country
  2. How to Get Around Texas Hill Country
  3. Things to Do successful Texas Hill Country
  4. Things to Do successful Fredericksburg, Texas Hill Country
  5. Things to Do successful New Braunfels, Texas Hill Country
  6. Things to Do successful Austin
  7. Where to Stay successful Texas Hill Country
  8. Want to Visit San Antonio?
  9. Before You Go
  10. More Texas Travel Tips

What to Expect from the Texas Hill Country

It encompasses 2 large cities: Austin and San Antonio. That means determination are truthful galore things to bash successful the Texas Hill Country.

I forgot that Texas is huge! So beryllium mindful that you whitethorn request to thrust a just region to get to each these THC attractions.

In fact, connected our archetypal time exploring the Texas Hill Country, we had a two-hour thrust from our RV Park astatine New Braunfels conscionable to get to Fredericksburg TX!

I knew past it was clip to alteration our docket a small and absorption much connected the portion adjacent New Braunfels. It’s not perfect to walk truthful overmuch clip successful the car each time connected exploration trips.

The archetypal clip we went, we didn’t cognize this, which meant I had to scrap Bandera Cowboy Country and the Highland Lakes Chain adjacent Austin.

With truthful galore things to bash successful Texas Hill Country, it’s a bully thought to person a precedence list of attractions you privation to see. I penciled successful these places connected my “must-return and research further list.”

And I added a broadside enactment to marque it either spring for the wildflower explosion, oregon summertime truthful we could partake successful 1 of my favourite summertime activities – conduit floating down the rivers.

flowers successful  vino  barrels connected  the main   thoroughfare  of Gruene The charming municipality of Gruene

Oh, and for the unicorn lovers, we noticed a elephantine h2o operation connected the outskirts of Landry Park successful New Braunfels that said “Unicorn Country”.

Savannah is obsessed with unicorns and truthful this was her favourite happening to spot successful Texas Hill Country. Of course, we whipped retired her The Magical Unicorn Society Official Handbook aboriginal that evening to spot if it got a mention. It didn’t.

We did not spot a unicorn portion successful the Texas Hill Country. Please, if you person insider cognition of wherefore the Texas Hill Country is known arsenic Unicorn Country, fto america cognize successful the comments!

How to Get Around Texas Hill Country

As with astir places successful the USA, a car volition beryllium required to get astir Texas Hill Country. It’s a immense country and nationalist transport is beauteous overmuch non-existent due to the fact that it’s truthful rural.

You volition find plentifulness of taxi operator services and of course, Uber is disposable too, for those who don’t drive. There is simply a autobus work called The Hop, which connects each town, but you’ll request to get a taxi to much agrarian attractions.

If you’re visiting from overseas and don’t person your ain vehicle, you tin find rental cars from Austin here and from San Antonio here.

Things to Do successful Texas Hill Country

For the pursuing enchanting things to bash successful the Texas Hill Country, I’d walk a time successful the Fredericksburg area, a time successful the New Braunfels area, and a time successful Gruene.

Of course, alteration things arsenic they suit you! And retrieve to make that precedence database of Texas Hill Country attractions that you perfectly privation to see, and immoderate that you tin skip if you tally retired of time.

Things to Do successful Fredericksburg, Texas Hill Country

historic ceramic  and achromatic  gathering  connected  main   thoroughfare  of Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg TX, oregon Fritztown, is simply a humanities German municipality successful Texas successful the mediate of Hill Country.

Its adjacent determination to Austin Texas and San Antonio makes it 1 of the astir fashionable places to spot successful Texas, particularly arsenic it is successful the bosom of vino state here.

There are rather a fewer things to bash successful Fredericksburg, we lone spent fractional a time and this is what we enjoyed.

1. Climb Enchanted Rock

hikers connected  way   with presumption    of Enchanted Rock

How tin you disregard thing called Enchanted Rock?

Once you circular the crook connected the mode successful and the vista opens up to this immense pinkish granite stone jutting retired of the vale floor, you cognize you’ve reached a spot that holds spiritual power.

This was erstwhile known to beryllium a magical spot for the section Apache and Comanche tribes.

It reminded maine of Uluru successful Outback Australia with its magnetic quality to gully you in.

One happening to beryllium alert of is that Enchanted Rock State Natural Area has constricted parking space. Once it is full, they adjacent down the park.

If you are lucky, you’ll person a summons to travel backmost aboriginal successful the day erstwhile it reopens. It’s guaranteed entry, but they lone springiness a definite fig of those out.

Either way, you’ll extremity up waiting successful a enactment of cars to get a spot.

girl with arms successful  the aerial  down  way   motion   that says Enchanted Roc acme  trail

We arrived astatine astir 11 americium (stupid determination connected our behalf – atrocious readying and dilatory to get moving) and aft 30-minutes of waiting successful line, we received the summons to travel backmost astatine 3pm.

We had different 30-minute hold then, but we astatine slightest got into the park.

It was wholly worthy it.

The ascent up Enchanted Rock is steep but not arsenic atrocious arsenic it looks. It’s conscionable the archetypal portion of the creaseless stone that is beauteous intense. I recovered it beauteous casual and exhilarating.

The girls some handled the locomotion good (aged 11 and 7) truthful if you person kids they’ll beryllium good too!

The 360 views from the apical of the surrounding Texas countryside are extraordinary.

I commented to Kalyra,

“It is truthful fantastic to erstwhile again beryllium seeing miles of unfastened spaces without immoderate built up places.”

Hot Tip:

We didn’t realize, but if you locomotion down the different broadside of the stone determination is simply a clump of rocks that person hidden caves to explore!

people looking astatine  presumption    and jumping successful  aerial  astatine  Enchanted Rock State Park

It reminded maine truthful overmuch of Outback Australia.

Those experiences wherever you tin yet fto spell arsenic it’s conscionable you and parent quality for arsenic acold arsenic you tin see. You consciousness similar you’re learning to respire again. You tin conscionable beryllium down and soak up the joyousness and simplicity of it.

The lone quality is that successful Australia you’re astir apt to person this presumption each to yourself.

2. Explore Downtown Fredericksburg

town thoroughfare  with stores

I wasn’t a raving instrumentality of downtown Fredericksburg, though galore radical are.

It inactive retains overmuch of its German influence, which is portion of its attraction to many. For me, it felt similar it had mislaid a spot of its psyche on the mode successful its effort to support its touristic appeal.

But that is going to hap successful fashionable tourer destinations. I overmuch preferred Gruene, a municipality that has managed to support its humanities psyche contempt its popularity.

It’s conscionable an vigor that you feel, which tin often beryllium affected by the vigor you bring to it. So you could person a wholly antithetic acquisition for me.

stores of Downtown Fredericksburg successful  Texas

Fredericksburg has plentifulness of boutique stores successful galore of its aged sandstone buildings, successful information implicit 100, truthful you tin ideate buying is simply a fashionable happening to bash successful Fredericksburg.

The main thoroughfare is precise wide and filled with loads of people. There are besides tons of German restaurants and breweries.

We stopped successful astatine the Fredericksburg Brewing Company, the oldest brewpub successful Texas for lunch.


Again, I wouldn’t rave astir it. My German murphy skins came retired acold and the brew was conscionable okay. We lone had 1 brew though, truthful not a just judgment.

There are plentifulness of wine-tasting bars on the main thoroughfare of Fredericksburg arsenic good if you can’t get retired to the adjacent wineries.

3. See the Guitar Picking Circle astatine Luckenbach Texas

people extracurricular  connected  picnic tables listening to luckenbach pickers

Despite this being a literal three-building town, you whitethorn person heard of Luckenbach, Texas.

It was made celebrated by these lines successful a Waylon Jennings song:

Let’s spell to Luckenbach, TexasWith Waylon and Willie and the boysThis palmy beingness we’re livin’
Got america feuding similar the Hatfields and McCoys
Between Hank Williams’ symptom songs and
Newberry’s bid songs and Blue Eyes Cryin’ successful the Rain
Out successful Luckenbach, Texas ain’t cipher feelin’ nary pain

I had ne'er heard of that opus until I Googled things to bash successful the Hill Country, and Luckenbach Texas popped up arsenic a unsocial and unexpected highlight.

Guitar picking and state euphony nether a 500 twelvemonth aged oak tree. How could we not visit?

You cognize from our clip successful Nashville, Memphis and Franklin, Tennessee I’m a spot of a unrecorded euphony lover, particularly those kinds that are intimate storytelling sessions.

You couldn’t get overmuch amended successful Luckenbach.

musicians of Luckenbach, Texas Hill Country

Leave each the tourists down wandering downtown Fredericksburg and articulation the fistful of radical lasting astir successful cowboy hats, cracking jokes, drinking beer, and listening to immoderate bully ole Texas Country.

Luckenbach was established arsenic a trading station successful 1849 by a tiny creek lined with oak trees. All that is present are a fewer woody sheds: the pub, the creation hall, and the feedlot (where you tin bargain your accepted fried food!)

Bring currency arsenic that’s each they judge astatine the bar, though determination is an ATM hidden wrong a woody box.

The barroom reminded maine of an Outback Australian pub.

The full acquisition was precise earthy and authentic cultural, not similar what you’d find successful Downtown Fredericksburg.

people successful  a store

In Luckenbach everybody is somebody. I loved proceeding the aged timers music, jokes, and stories – and yes, 1 adjacent progressive a real-life communicative of an brushwood with Willie Nelson.

I could conscionable spot him picking his guitar nether these elephantine oaks. So far, 1 of my favourite experiences connected our America Unplugged RV roadworthy trip. 

Bring it Texas. I’m acceptable for more.

4. Take a Day Trip to the Cowboy Capital of the World, Bandera

Bandera is simply a tiny cowboy municipality located betwixt Fredericksburg and San Antonio and calls itself the “cowboy superior of the world.”

This is due to the fact that it looks similar a real-life occidental movie, with saloon bars and wagons connected the roadworthy – it truly feels similar you’ve stepped into a John Wayne movie.

Some of the fashionable things to bash successful Bandera are sojourn the dude ranches, ticker a Saturday day “gunfight”, and drawback nightly euphony successful the downtown saloons. You tin besides cheque retired the Bandera ProRodeo.

For those looking for a existent Texas cowboy experience, this is an unmissable happening to bash successful Texas Hill Country.

5. National Museum of the Pacific War

miliatry guns extracurricular  a building

The National Museum of the Pacific War is simply a depository dedicated to the Fleet of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. Nimitz, who served arsenic commandant successful main of the United States Pacific Fleet. He was besides a commandant successful main of the Pacific Ocean Areas during World War II.

Born successful Fredericksburg, helium is somewhat of a section hero. But the depository is not conscionable astir him, it besides tells the communicative of those who served successful his fleet and portrays a quality position of WWII.

If you’re into past and emotion visiting satellite people museums, past beryllium definite to adhd this depository to your database of things to bash successful Texas Hill Country.

7. Take a Day Trip to Ingram

Ingram is simply a tiny and sleepy municipality successful THC and is conscionable a stone’s propulsion distant from Kerrville, which is afloat of museums and galleries.

One of the apical attractions successful Ingram is to sojourn Stonehenge II. This is simply a unsocial stone enactment that looks similar Stonehenge successful England, but it’s made of concrete.

The Stonehenge, and the replica of Easter Island, are creation installations provided by Hill Country Arts Foundation. If you’re passing done Ingram astatine immoderate point, past beryllium definite to marque a speedy halt by this awesome monument.

8. Explore Garner State Park

Another large spot to spell swimming and tubing is Garner State Park, which is wherever you’ll find the Frio river. The parkland besides has 16 miles of scenic hiking trails.

stunning reds and golden  autumn  colors by the stream  successful  garner authorities   park

If you’re visiting Texas Hill Country successful the summer, you’ll privation to caput present successful the evening.

Ever since the 1940s, the young people and young astatine bosom people stitchery astatine the park’s concession gathering for an evening of dancing. The jukebox is blaring and the locals are pairing up to plaything each different astir the creation pavilion.

This is 1 of the champion things to bash successful Texas Hill Country astatine night.

Top tip: Arrive early, arsenic parking tons get afloat and gates tin adjacent arsenic aboriginal arsenic 8:30 p.m.

Other Recommendations for Things to Do successful Fredericksburg we received:

  • Visit the wineries! There are much than 30 wineries off-the-beaten-path betwixt Johnson City and Fredericksburg. I decidedly privation to travel backmost for that sans kids. Here is simply a vino circuit you whitethorn enjoy!
  • In the season, bask the Texas Hill Country wildflowers the country is celebrated for, particularly the fields of bluebonnets.
  • In the outpouring and summer, this portion is besides known for its peaches. Go prime and devour ’em!
  • Lyndon B Johnson’s Ranch successful Johnston City (his puerility home) – we had truthful galore recommendations for this one! (It is portion of the San Antonio Explorer Pass if you are going to research that portion arsenic well.)
  • Munch Food Park is simply a large enactment for those who emotion a wide assortment of dishes served by nutrient trucks. There’s brew and vino and sometimes unrecorded tunes.

Things to Do successful New Braunfels, Texas Hill Country

New Braunfels was founded successful 1845 by a German prince looking to commencement a colony successful the Republic of Texas.

It didn’t happen, but we present person a cute tiny German-Texas municipality to enjoy.

trees and homes beside Guadalupe River, New BraunfelsGuadalupe River

We didn’t research excessively overmuch of the downtown area. It’s overmuch smaller than Fredericksburg and doesn’t person beauteous buildings, but I deliberation it’s much astir the surrounding area, particularly adjacent Gruene!

Gruene is registered connected the National Register of Historic Places.

In Gruene, each 3 roads pb to the Water Tower, which is wherever you find tradition, history, and homegrown Texas fun.

Here is our blog station connected things to bash successful Gruene, a bona fide Lone Star State town.

9. Enjoy a Scenic Drive

ducks successful  stream  astatine  Landa Park, New Braunfels Landa Park

This is Hill Country!

There are tons of beauteous drives to enjoy, particularly successful the outpouring erstwhile the wildflowers are successful bloom. Here are immoderate of our favorites:

The River Road

The River Road is simply a picturesque thrust on the Guadalupe river. The lone disappointment is that you can’t halt on the mode to soak it successful and instrumentality photos.

So bask the presumption from the car window. The colour of the h2o volition entice you to travel back.

Devil’s Backbone

Go consecutive from The River Road past Canyon Lake to get to the Devil’s Backbone scenic thrust connected R.M. 32. When you spot a motion that states picnic area, propulsion implicit arsenic it’s besides a viewing point.

I’m not definite wherefore they don’t denote it arsenic being that truthful you’ll cognize to propulsion implicit and look. Because a picnic whitethorn not beryllium of involvement but a spectacular presumption volition be.

Willow City Loop

The Willow City Loop is a stunning and historic 13-mile scenic thrust that is good known for its show of wildflowers – particularly the Texas bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush.

The loop thrust is state-owned, which means you cannot halt astatine immoderate constituent connected the journey, but you tin inactive thrust dilatory and respect the views.

You’ll find the entranceway to the roadworthy from Willow City conscionable disconnected Farm Road 1323 adjacent Willow City Cemetery.

Some different scenic drives recommended:

  • Texas 29 West & RM 2341 northwest to Spider Mountain
  • R.M. 2342, fantabulous view, particularly astatine a turnout adjacent the confluence of the Llano & Colorado River.
  • R.M. 1431 for breathtaking views

Those ones are adjacent the Highland Lakes Chain portion adjacent Austin which we volition sojourn sometime successful the future.

10. Coffee and Cake astatine 2 Tarts, New Braunfels

 Cupcake with vanilla frosting from 2 Tarts, New Braunfels

The girls and I started our time exploring unneurotic with java and barroom astatine 2Tarts.

I’m starting to portion much achromatic java arsenic I find mostly it’s hard to get a bully latte – I instrumentality acold less risks and unless I tin enactment retired from reviews that it volition beryllium a nonrecreational barista-made espresso similar I could from Kona Kona below, past I spell black.

I’m gladsome I did.

It was a premium drip java and bloody delicious. Made maine deliberation achromatic java is the mode to spell from present on. It’s decidedly overmuch cheaper and amended for the waistline.

Except possibly erstwhile you brace it with a cashew seed beverage peppermint patty.

The girls loved their cupcakes too!

11. Have Lunch astatine the Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar, Gruene

people eating connected  the platform  Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar, Gruene

The Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar has been serving meals since 1977 successful the three-story boiler country of the aged fabric gin.

Its determination connected a bluff overlooking the Guadalupe River and shaded by towering oak trees makes it a edifice hard to walk up. It’s close nether the h2o operation successful the historical territory and conscionable down Gruene Hall.

Once I knew we were staying successful New Braunfels for an other 3 days implicit New Year, I announced we’d beryllium each enjoying a New Year’s Eve luncheon present to observe the past year.

At the Gristmill, you’ll find South Texas fares similar fried catfish and tomatillo chicken, and if you tin acceptable it in, a signature Jack Daniels Pecan pie.

I’m guessing you won’t person country for dessert due to the fact that the serving sizes present were immoderate of the biggest I’ve ever seen. That’s conscionable however they bash it successful Texas.

people eating plaes of nutrient  astatine  Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar, Gruene, Texas

Our chickenhearted successful a bony was delicious and BIG!

The edifice is arsenic arsenic large with aggregate eating rooms with autochthonal chromatic fireplaces, an indoor bar, and an outdoor platform with stream views, which would beryllium cleanable successful the warmer months.

Plus, determination is besides a brew plot with occurrence pits that often hosts unrecorded music!

12. Go Dancing astatine the Iconic Gruene Hall

girl dancing successful  beforehand   of the achromatic  exteriro Gruene Hall, TExas

Gruene Hall is bully ole Texas amusive and a definite item connected our database of things to bash successful Texas Hill Country.

It’s a spot for the assemblage to gather, and 1 of the champion places to sojourn successful Texas to perceive to euphony and dance. It reminded maine truthful overmuch of the barn dances Australians erstwhile had successful the country.

For families, I deliberation the escaped day league astatine the oldest creation hallway successful Texas is your champion option.

There is plentifulness of abstraction for the kids to play successful the trees outside, oregon up the backmost with their toys. I’m definite they’ll adjacent emotion to creation with you and perceive to the awesome unrecorded euphony from the wide assortment of styles the iconic Gruene Hall puts connected each day.

There is an evening ticketed lawsuit arsenic well.

live Music astatine  Gruene Hall, Texas

Bring your cowboy chapeau and boots and relaxed personality.

You’ll request currency to drawback a portion astatine the bar. If you’re fortunate you’ll find abstraction astatine 1 of the woody picnic tables with the assemblage up the front, oregon abstraction connected the creation level astatine the back.

woman and miss  dancing Gruene Hall, Texas

Only if you committedness to creation though. Even if it’s conscionable a small shuffle. The 2 measurement is welcome.

13. Taste Local Wine astatine Grapevine Winery, Gruene

garden extracurricular  woody  shack of The Grapevine, Texas

There are respective wineries successful Texas Hill Country. Unfortunately, it didn’t enactment for america to spell vino tasting.

But I was blessed to sensation a mates of section wines astatine the Grapevine Winery successful humanities Gruene. Craig was blessed with his section Austin porter brew too.

The Grapevine is simply a chill spot, particularly its occurrence pits successful the outdoor garden, which regularly hosts unrecorded music. There is simply a homely vicinity consciousness present and beryllium prepared to chat with a section oregon two.

Watching the colors airy up down the h2o operation and sunset from your occurrence pit spot is thing peculiar to enjoy.

people sitting astir   a campfire

Sadly we had truthful overmuch rainfall during our clip successful Texas Hill Country that we didn’t spot excessively galore sunsets.

14. Go Tubing connected the Guadalupe oregon Comal River (seasonal)

river with trees successful  itGuadalupe River

The item of New Braunfels is the 2 rivers, Guadalupe and the Comal.

Both connection a wide assortment of h2o activities – successful the close season. This is simply a happening to bash successful New Braunfels if you are visiting successful the warmer months.

Unfortunately, for us, it wasn’t, truthful I’m putting this down connected my database to return, too.

The Comal is simply a abbreviated thrust that takes you past Schlitterbahn if you privation to sojourn determination arsenic well. Schlitterbahn is simply a 70-acre h2o parkland situated on the Comal River and adjacent Landry Park.

The Guadalupe is known arsenic the enactment interval with rapids, booze, and euphony and tin spell for arsenic agelong arsenic six hours!

15. Enjoy a Coffee astatine Kona Kona, Gruene

If you’re successful the Gruene country halt into Kona Kona for a delicious java (with hemp milk). So bully I had 2 of them.

I stopped successful for an day to work, which is wherefore I had clip for two. The work present was ace affable and it’s a fantastic spot for a societal java with a speechmaking nook and a fewer games you tin play, oregon if you privation a mobile bureau for the day.

16. Chow Down a Brisket Burger astatine San Marcos (if successful the area)

Brisket Burger connected  a sheet  successful  Texas Hill CountryBrisket burger from Craft House Kitchen and Tap

It’s astir apt bully capable to marque the detour retired to San Marcos, but I’m not definite you’ll truly privation to bash that.

However, if you are successful the assemblage municipality of San Marcos beryllium definite to halt successful astatine Craft House Kitchen and Tap for a Brisket burger – astatine a bully terms too.

You’re successful Texas present which is each astir beef and it’s the authorities that supposedly does brisket the best.

I’m not a large beef eater, but I decided to springiness this brisket burger a spell due to the fact that well, Texas.

It was decidedly my beef quota for the week and I’m gladsome I spent it connected this tender, fatty, and delicious brisket burger.

17. Explore the Natural Bridge Caverns

stalgmite covered cave walls

Perhaps 1 of the astir unsocial things to bash successful Texas Hill Country is to research its cave network. The Natural Bridge Caverns were recovered successful 1960 by a radical of assemblage students and person since been explored backmost to 60 feet.

This immense cave is afloat of magnificent stalagmites and stalactites, which proceed to turn to this day.

On the surface, you’ll find a zip rails obstacle course, and there’s adjacent a tiny 1 for children to bask too.

18. LBJ National Historical Park

The LBJ National Historic Park is simply a depository located connected LBJ ranch, the erstwhile location of President Lyndon B. Johnson. The LBJ ranch tells the communicative of LBJ and adjacent has the lovingly preserved “Texas White House,” the spot wherever helium often worked from location portion successful office.

Visitors tin instrumentality guided tours of the Texas White House, his Boyhood Home, and the Junction School.

The parkland is besides located successful a people beauteous area, truthful marque definite to rotation the grounds arsenic good arsenic the buildings.

Things to Do successful Austin

If you’re reasoning of taking immoderate time trips into Texas Hill Country from Austin, past beryllium definite to cheque retired the pursuing attractions.

19. Westcave Waterfall

The Texas Hill Country is not abbreviated of spectacular waterfalls, but possibly 1 of our favorites is the Westcave Waterfall, located successful the Westcave Outdoor Discovery Center successful Spicewood.

You tin lone sojourn this waterfall connected weekends and connected a guided circuit only, but it’s decidedly worthy the visit.

The parkland spans for 76-acres, and has a varied landscape, from adust and arid savanna to overgrown canyons and forest. Below Westcave Waterfall is simply a vibrant emerald pool.

Behind the waterfall, visitors volition spot an awesome limestone cave. 

The hike is simply a mean to hard hike, truthful beryllium definite to travel with your hiking boots and a can-do attitude. It volition lone instrumentality 1.5 – 2 hours to implicit the full hike.

20. Swim successful the River astatine Pedernales Falls State Park

pedenales river

This immense 5,200-acre parkland is 1 of the biggest attractions successful Texas Hill Country extracurricular Austin and is the champion spot to spell hiking, horseback riding, upland biking, oregon camping.

The parkland is wherever you’ll find the Pedernales River, which is simply a large spot to spell swimming, tubing oregon fishing.

It’s not recommended to aquatics adjacent the Pedernales Falls country arsenic the stream is rather turbulent successful this area, but bash marque definite to cheque retired the falls, due to the fact that they are magnificent!

22. Visit Colorado Bend State Park

sunset successful  colorado crook  authorities   park

On the bluish broadside of Texas Hill Country is the metropolis of Bend, which meets with the Colorado River – 1 of the main rivers successful the U.S. and good known for its canyons and rapids.

The Colorado Bend State Park is simply a 2 hr thrust retired of Austin and an perfect spot to sojourn successful THC for a weekend.

The parkland has respective camping spots, waterfalls and springs, and caves. It’s astir celebrated for its waterfall, Gorman Falls, which is simply a 70-foot spring-fed waterfall that is simply spectacular.

You’ll find plentifulness of hiking and biking trails successful the park. In fact, determination are implicit 35 miles of hiking trails! So you truly bash request a afloat time to research this unthinkable park.

23. Take a Day Trip to Wimberley

Wimberley is simply a ranching colony successful Texas Hill Country and has a sleepy benignant of vibe. But the colony is the cleanable basal to research immoderate fantastic quality spots successful THC.

One specified spot is Jacob’s Well, a 12ft wide outpouring that has go a good known swimming spot successful Texas Hill Country. It is akin to a cenote successful Mexico successful immoderate ways, arsenic the outpouring descends vertically for astir 30 feet, earlier turning into a cave afloat of silted chambers and constrictive passages. The full extent is astir 120 feet.

the bluish  spread

Another 1 of the apical reasons to sojourn Wimberley is to aquatics successful the Blue Hole. If you’re looking for things to bash successful Texas Hill Country with kids, past this has to beryllium up determination arsenic 1 of the best.

Nestled successful a lush forested parkland is known for its natural, spring-fed swimming spread lined with enactment swings and a grassy tract to sunbathe on.

If you privation to aquatics astatine Blue Hole Regional Park you request to marque a preservation online. However, you tin hike oregon motorcycle the trails oregon sojourn the playground astatine immoderate time.

Sometimes, the swimming spread astatine Blue Hole is closed owed to unsafe swimming conditions, truthful it’s champion to check the website earlier visiting to marque definite you’re not disappointed.

24. Get Lost successful Inks Lake State Park

rocks successful  inks lake

If you privation to spot quality but you don’t privation to task excessively acold distant from Austin, past Inks Lake is simply a fantastic time trip.

You tin spell hiking done the park’s 9 miles of trails, which travel live successful Spring erstwhile the meadows are live with colour and wildflowers.

The parkland is besides a large spot to walk clip successful the water, arsenic Inks Lake is simply a immense water to explore. You tin rent paddle boats, canoes, and kayaks, oregon conscionable spell swimming successful the designated swimming zone.

You tin besides bash much escapade h2o sports specified arsenic h2o skis oregon scuba dive.

25. Get Boozy astatine Dripping Springs

table and chairs connected  tiled patio of winery

Tasting rooms are a large mode to illustration immoderate of the section boozy produce, from section wines to whiskeys to trade beers.

One spot to sojourn successful Texas Hill Country for those who emotion a tipple oregon 2 is Dripping Springs, aptly named for a municipality known for its wineries, breweries and distilleries.

If you privation to spell sipping successful Dripping, past marque definite to cheque retired 1 of several tasting rooms. You tin adjacent bash distillery tours oregon vineyard tours.

Where to Stay successful Texas Hill Country

 household  sitting extracurricular  rvHill Country Resort & RV Park

There are plentifulness of RV Parks on the River Road. If you’re coming successful the summer, I’d urge camping here. It looks truthful beauteous and is tons of fun.

Otherwise, I’d usage the New Braunfels country arsenic your basal due to the fact that I liked it amended and determination is much to bash successful the area.

We stayed astatine the Hill Country Resort & RV Park, which had a batch of amenities similar a playground, games room, indoor and outdoor pools, and fittingness centers.

kids successful  playground of  Hill Country Resort & RV ParkHill Country Resort & RV Park

This did marque the outgo a small higher than immoderate others. Our nighttime complaint ranged from $51 – $60. You tin get discounts for a week-long stay, and they besides person Good Sam and Passport America discounts.

For those who are looking for Texas Hill Country hotels oregon apartments, cheque retired the options successful Hill Country through our partner, Booking.com.

We find they person the widest scope of properties. You get escaped cancellation connected astir rooms, and a champion terms guarantee.

Plus, they person verified reviews from guests who person really stayed astatine the property!

Here are immoderate hotels we researched for you arsenic bully options:

There are besides loads of Airbnb options successful the New Braunfels area.

Want to Visit San Antonio?

two girls holding hands walking on  the san-antonio stream  locomotion  Riverwalk, San Antonio

The bully quality is, San Antonio is ace adjacent to New Braunfels successful Texas Hill Country. It could beryllium a large basal for you to research Texas Hill Country and it’s worthy checking retired San Antonio for a time oregon two.

San Antonio is the 8th biggest metropolis successful the state and rather sprawling. The item of things to bash successful San Antonio for america are The Alamo and the San Antonio River Walk. Both places I love!

Don’t hide the San Antonio Explorer Pass. It volition prevention you up to 45% connected combined admittance prices connected your prime of 3 oregon 5 apical San Antonio attractions.

You tin make your itinerary from 15 choices which includes a San Antonio River Cruise, Six Flags, San Antonio Museum of Art, and the Texas Hill Country, and JBJ Ranch Tour. Buy your walk here!

Before You Go

So determination you person it, those are the champion things to bash successful Texas Hill Country and arsenic you tin see, determination is simply a batch to do!

Before you go, marque definite to hole that precedence database I mentioned earlier. Unless you person weeks to walk exploring the region, you conscionable won’t beryllium capable to spot it all.

Make definite you person your rental car booked beforehand, and of course, person the champion travel to Texas Hill Country!

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