25 Best Foods for a Picky Eater Chihuahua

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We perceive it each the time: “Why won’t my finicky chihuahua devour the costly nutrient I bargain them?!” Dealing with a picky chihuahua tin beryllium frustrating, truthful we asked our I Love My Chihuahua Facebook assemblage the pursuing question, “What’s the champion nutrient for a picky eating Chihuahua?” We received hundreds of replies and summarized immoderate of the champion suggestions below.
Always retrieve to consult your veterinarian earlier making immoderate wellness changes to your chihuahua’s diet, particularly if they person immoderate aesculapian issues. iHeartDogs is scholar supported, truthful immoderate of the links beneath whitethorn beryllium affiliate links wherever we person a tiny committee astatine nary further outgo to you.

25 Best Foods for a Picky Chihuahua

If you provender canned, I usage American Journey, my guys emotion it. I bid from Chewy.I person researched favored foods and their ingredients. I urge American Journey they usage bully ingredients and are affordable

Author: Dennis J.

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If you’re capable to cook, past that’s a large option! You tin boil chickenhearted (no bones oregon skin), adhd dog-safe brownish rice, saccharine potato/pumpkin/squash/carrot, immoderate parsley, and different dog-safe ingredients! If you’re incapable to cook, Weruva is simply a large marque that has rather a batch of antithetic bedewed nutrient flavors! My small feline loves them!

Author: Adrianna L.

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I recognize there’s implicit a 1000 comments, but….My Sven is precise weird astir eating. He’s typically a nighttime loader, but occasionally likes to graze during the day. He’s an lone dog, truthful for present helium tin bash this. I’ve noticed implicit the past respective years that if I springiness him his dainty connected apical of his food, helium volition devour the dainty & his kibble. I tried to provender him without this, but helium would ne'er interaction his food. It’s arsenic if helium needs an appetizer earlier his entree! LOL. I acquisition Fromm atom escaped lamb & lentil; surf & turf; oregon chaotic crippled flavors & premix astatine slightest 2 of them together. I similar non chickenhearted formula, but… it doesn’t fuss him. Fromm has tiny bites, truthful it’s casual for him to eat. They besides person bedewed food. For the past fewer months I’ve been making homemade jerky for him alternatively of buying the integrated benignant I typically fed him. I acquisition the bladed oregon wafer bladed chickenhearted bosom & beef steak, enactment it successful my 200 grade oven for astir 3 hrs & it’s amazing. No added ingredients & I tin devour it if I want. In fact, I instrumentality it erstwhile we spell to the formation for a time travel & we some snack connected it.

Author: Geneva M.

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I provender my 2 chihuahuas Science Diet Chicken oregon Beef and Barley. They emotion it. I person it delivered from Chewy.

Author: Peggy E.

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I provender excavation Pedigree bedewed and adust and I provender them boneless, skinless chickenhearted that I navigator successful the microwave. They emotion it. My poodle has diabetes truthful helium gets fed often.

Author: Sue C.

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I went done the aforesaid with mine, I fto them take their nutrient and they chose pedigree tiny dog nutrient for adust and chopped crushed meal with hearty chickenhearted moist nutrient by pedigree and for treats they truly emotion bully n amusive kabobs, you can’t spell incorrect with them

Author: Rose P.

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Mine is to but she eats Science Diet Prescription For delicate tegument and tummy for tiny dogs

Author: Helen M.

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My 15-year-old is that mode he’s precise picky. He loves fresh Pet. Sometimes I marque my ain with vegetables and leftover beef erstwhile I person some. Mainly carrots cauliflower broccoli and pureed leftover beef roast

Author: David L.

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Tried a batch of foods for excavation each springiness him upset tummy, this has helped (Iams Healthy Aging)

Author: Ramona W.

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Boiled Chicken and atom possibly propulsion a fewer peas successful it. Can Tuna erstwhile successful a while, cottage cheese, yogurt, scramble eggs, broiled oregon baked Liver, crushed Turkey with carrots, a fewer portion of stew nutrient boiled till brushed adhd Green Beans. I’ve adjacent fed excavation what I devour = cookware pie, chickenhearted and dumplings, spaghetti squash, meatloaf with vegetables and a crockery without dressing. It’s lone 2 oregon 3 spoons helium is simply a Lil Guy. And besides Lil Ceasars bedewed and Small bites Beneful. (hard)

Author: Sherlye T.

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If you aren’t feeding immoderate array scraps, my chi’s devour science fare small oregon artifact bites. Table scraps marque them not privation canine food!

Author: Nancy J.

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I provender excavation fresh favored salmon with nary grains oregon preservatives,or dyes.mine is besides allergic to. Any happening that has chicken, turkey, duck, shrimp conscionable lives it

Author: June S.

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We navigator for our babies. The vet said it bully for them arsenic well. We tried nom nom, realized we tin navigator the aforesaid happening we were buying. Turkey, crushed beef, crushed chicken. Each batch they get antithetic veggies. We springiness them cucumbers for snacks. So this week they person crushed beef with carrots, parsley, and broccoli

Author: Shelley Lovingme S.

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Just prime 1 with tons of nutrients and vitamins successful it and instrumentality with it you support changing it he’s going to support getting bored Merrick is what I provender my dogs and they emotion it

Author: Boni R.

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I started making my dogs nutrient erstwhile my cocka-poo developed specified horrible allergies. It is little costly and healthier. Ground Turkey oregon Ground beef, saccharine potatoes, achromatic beans, sometimes a small rice, oregon canned pumpkin, and they LOVE cabbage. I sprinkle a small Blue Buffalo kibble connected apical for immoderate crunch.

Author: Karen W.

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Mine too! I alteration it each mates of days , I springiness him royal canin for chihuahuas and I besides boil chickenhearted and adhd peas and carrots and possibly brownish atom .

Author: Monica J.

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Chicken bosom done successful the microwave.. Iams tin chickenhearted and Beneful atom free adust food. My 11 pups emotion it…

Author: David T.

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My schnauzer and chihuahua are picky excessively and beneful purina bedewed nutrient canisters saved my life! They emotion the antithetic flavors the nutrient comes in!

Author: Ilse C.

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My 1 loves Stella & Chewy’s past grains kibble the different eats Lotus chickenhearted & brownish atom Senior cuz helium has peculiar dietary needs.

Author: Willie H.

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Dr Marty’s – The Best and truthful unthinkable to spot results successful each way!!

Author: Vicki T.

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I bargain Stella and Chewy frozen earthy nutrient patties they emotion them, travel successful a clump of flavors

Author: Sharon C.

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My 2 chihuahuas emotion Earthborn adust and wet. I springiness them conscionable a spoon of bedewed doubly a time on with the dry. I usage the value power to support them successful shape.

Author: Jan S.

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Nature’s look chickenhearted pumpkin and saccharine potato. My babe loves this food. I besides boil chickenhearted breat for her.

Author: Tammy L.

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Rachel Ray is the lone happening I tin get excavation to devour consistently, she devours it but everything other she conscionable benignant of grazes oregon doesn’t eat.

Author: Jesse L.

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Our vet conscionable recommended Hill’s Science Diet Senior Vitality. I person an 8-yr aged and a 2-yr old. They some similar it.

Author: Diane S.

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Always consult your vet earlier making immoderate wellness changes to your chihuahua’s diet, particularly if they often endure from immoderate aesculapian issues. iHeartDogs is scholar supported, truthful immoderate of the links supra whitethorn beryllium affiliate links wherever we person a tiny committee astatine nary further outgo to you.

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