2024 Mini Convertible to be built at Oxford plant

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Mini Cooper S convertible 2021 beforehand   4th   tracking Current Mini Convertible is built successful the Netherlands Oxford works volition physique next-generation convertible, positive EVs from astir 2027

The next-generation Mini Convertible volition beryllium built successful astatine the Oxford plant, the firm’s brag has confirmed.

Stefanie Wurst said accumulation of the Convertible would power to Oxford from the Netherlands successful its adjacent procreation successful 2024 or 2025, and beryllium built alongside petrol-powered versions of the upcoming three- and five-door Mini models successful their adjacent era, owed to motorboat from November 2023.

“The Convertible is coming home,” said Wurst connected the decision.

The next-generation of Minis volition span six antithetic models built connected 3 platforms successful 3 antithetic factories. In Oxford, determination volition beryllium petrol versions of the 3 door, 5 doorway and Convertible models. In Leipzig, determination volition beryllium electrical and petrol versions of a new, bigger Mini Countryman. As portion of Mini’s tie-up with Great Wall successful China, determination volition beryllium an electric version of the 3 doorway hatchback and a caller larger five-door exemplary called Aceman.

All versions built successful Oxford – arsenic good arsenic the three-door hatch built successful China – volition beryllium known arsenic the Cooper.  Although the three-door models built successful Oxford and China volition look identical, they volition beryllium antithetic cars underneath. There volition beryllium nary electrical mentation of the Oxford-built five-door Cooper for China; that relation alternatively being indirectly filled by the larger Aceman.

Wurst confirmed the Mini One would beryllium nary much and the Cooper would alternatively capable the entry-level role. High show versions of some petrol and electrical Coopers would beryllium offered, meaning the petrol scope would span Cooper, Cooper S and Cooper JCW models and the electrical versions; Cooper E, Cooper SE and Cooper JCW E.

The power successful this caller epoch for Mini sees the Oxford works suffer the electrical hatchbacks that it presently builds, but Wurst confirmed that electrical cars would yet instrumentality to the factory.

“There are large investments taking spot and going to instrumentality place,” she said, hinting that a mid-life facelift for the models successful astir 2027 volition supply an accidental for the power to instrumentality place.

Indeed, Wurst hinted that the Oxford works was unafraid was unafraid successful the agelong word arsenic portion of the brand’s tendency to enactment existent to its British roots and root – to that end, it was inevitable the works would spell electrical fixed the marque plans lone to marque electrical cars from the aboriginal 2030s.

Wurst besides said that much models were imaginable beyond the six successful the next-generation line-up, but thing was yet confirmed.

On the taxable of a long-rumoured ‘mini’ Mini inspired by the Rocketman conception a decennary ago, Wurst said the exemplary was “more than a imagination but not yet a factual plan”.

On the Urbanaut conception from year, she said it was a car “thinkable nether the Mini marque but we cannot determine yet, arsenic we can’t bash each astatine the aforesaid time”.

More generally, she added: “Minis tin beryllium bigger oregon smaller, higher oregon flatter. We person a strategical radical moving connected our decisions and we could determine our aboriginal by the extremity of the year. If determination is different bodystyle connected apical that is feasible, we request to decide. We request to look astatine the economics. We ne'er halt looking astatine what is next. We request to look astatine maturation curves and not fto them stagnate, truthful it’d beryllium anserine not to look astatine what’s next.”

Yet adjacent so, the absorption was connected making the confirmed six models a success. “These Minis volition person to beryllium the astir palmy arsenic they person to merchantability successful immense quantities astir the world,” said Wurst, noting successful peculiar the maturation imaginable for China and Japan wherever it is yet to merchantability an electrical car.

Wurst besides hinted that Mini was unfastened to getting into different areas of mobility, saying that the marque was “not ever 4 wheels and a roof”.

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