2022 Ford Ranger Raptor – five sportscar-like features you wouldn’t have expected to get in a pick-up truck!

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The all-new 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor precocious arrived successful Malaysia with a terms tag of RM259,888, implicit with a five-year/160,000km manufacturer’s warranty. While that whitethorn look similar a batch to wage for a pick-up truck, there’s much than meets the oculus with the caller Ranger Raptor.

If the words ‘Ranger Raptor’ were not written connected the spec expanse oregon brochure, it could’ve easy fooled you for a caller thoroughbred show car by Ford. Heck, it mightiness arsenic good beryllium arsenic these are a fewer of the cool, sportscar-like features you’d ne'er expect a pick-up motortruck to have.

Rally car-style turbo anti-lag strategy – instant torque!

Aside from headlining the quality arsenic the astir almighty accumulation Ranger ever with 397 PS and 583 Nm of torque from its caller 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 petrol engine, the Raptor besides gets a revised 10-speed automatic gearbox. But that’s not all, arsenic a caller thrust mode has been introduced and its sanction unsocial induces excitement – Baja.

Select it and everything from the motor and transmission, down to the suspension goes into its sportiest mounting but there’s more. In Baja Mode, the turbochargers volition proceed spinning for an further 3 seconds aft the operator has lifted disconnected the throttle. If the operator gets backmost connected the accelerator wrong that time, the Raptor is capable to present instant torque for adjacent much responsive acceleration – conscionable similar a rally car!

Active valve exhaust strategy – Quiet mode to beryllium neighbour-friendly, Baja Mode for max volume

If you’re speechmaking this, it’s precise apt that you tin place and admit the bellow of a V6 engine, truthful it would beryllium a transgression to not fto the twin-turbocharged portion successful the Raptor sing. Ford intelligibly understands this and arsenic such, has fitted an progressive valve exhaust strategy successful the caller Raptor, featuring an X-pipe and electronically-controlled valves to connection antithetic exhaust notes.

It whitethorn look discreet, but the sound it makes is thing but. You adjacent get antithetic modes for the exhaust – Quiet, Normal, Sport and Baja – with Baja being the loudest. These modes tin beryllium selected via a dedicated fastener connected the steering wheel. Yes, we’re inactive talking astir a pick-up truck.

Fox adaptive dampers – brushed for other comfortableness oregon stiff for much power astatine a propulsion of a button

Fox dampers are not uncommon to the Raptor arsenic the previous procreation model was already fitted with them. With the caller Raptor, however, comes an adjacent much precocious Fox adaptive suspension with caller 2.5-inch Live Valve interior bypass daze absorbers. These are filled with Teflon-infused lipid for 50% little friction for an adjacent smoother ride.

There are adjacent sensors to show the driver’s input and roadworthy information 500 times a 2nd to set the damping rates accordingly, successful bid to present the champion imaginable thrust successful each driving conditions. Ford said it’s the astir blase dampers ever fitted successful a Ranger.

Bottom-Out Control System – permission the squatting astatine the gym

Part of what makes the Fox dampers the astir blase ever successful a Ranger is the Bottom-Out Control strategy it features. As the sanction suggests, the race-proven strategy fundamentally prevents the rear extremity from squatting nether hard acceleration. The information that this is fitted to the Ranger Raptor successful itself says a batch astir the show connected connection here, doesn’t it?

The strategy works by stiffening the rear dampers successful the past 25% of travel. Less squat astatine the rear, much power astatine the beforehand end, much powerfulness connected the road. You spot wherever we’re getting with the Raptor, don’t you?

Trail Control strategy – person you ever heard of cruise power for off-road use? Now you have.

As aptly highlighted by Ford, the Ranger Raptor whitethorn beryllium inspired by godforsaken racers but it besides ‘excels astatine the dilatory stuff’. It whitethorn not beryllium a ‘sportscar-like’ feature, but it’s excessively unsocial to not mention. The Trail Control strategy is fundamentally similar cruise power but for off-roading.

By simply selecting the Trail Control icon connected the Tesla-style 12-inch vertical infotainment touchscreen, the strategy is activated and tin run astatine up to 32 km/h. The velocity tin beryllium acceptable by the operator from the steering instrumentality similar you would with a regular cruise power system. The operator is lone required to steer the car portion acceleration and braking are managed by the car. The diagnostic besides works for elevation descends arsenic well.

All that said, there’s lone truthful overmuch astir the Raptor we tin convey done words but from what was mentioned, don’t you deliberation the Ranger Raptor is much sportscar than pick-up?

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