13 Beautiful Places in Chicago That Every Local Needs to See

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There’s nary shortage of quality successful Chicago, from the city’s iconic architecture to its galore parks and gardens. If you’re caller to the metropolis and looking for immoderate places to explore, oregon you’ve been living successful Chicago for a portion and privation to revisit for of the city’s champion sites, present are a fewer of the astir beauteous spots to cheque out. From stunning rooftop gardens to the Wabash Arts Corridor, there’s thing for everyone to enjoy. So drawback your camera and acceptable retired to research each the beauteous places Chicago has to offer.

Cloud Gate Chicago

Beautiful places successful the Lincoln Park neighborhood

If you’re the benignant of idiosyncratic who loves spending clip outdoors, you’ll consciousness close astatine location successful the Lincoln Park neighborhood. With its botanical gardens, ponds, zoo, and stunning views of the city, the vicinity features immoderate of the astir beauteous places successful Chicago. Here are immoderate of the apical spots successful Lincoln Park that Chicago experts urge you see.

#1: South Pond astatine Lincoln Park

A mates  successful  beforehand   of Chicago skyline

Photo courtesy of Michael Novo Photography

“Lincoln Park’s South Pond is simply a determination that offers the champion of Chicago, each culminating successful 1 spot,” says Michael, a section wedding photographer. “The opposition of the greenery and metropolis gives you a beauteous and serene foreground framed by the iconic Chicago architecture.”

#2: Lincoln Park Zoo

A household  astatine  the zoo

Photo courtesy of Kristen Lisa Photography

Kristen, a lifestyle, family, and newborn photographer, recommends checking retired the zoo. “The Lincoln Park Zoo is simply a escaped zoo located successful downtown Chicago. This country is 1 of the astir picturesque places successful Chicago: the metropolis successful the inheritance and quality successful the foreground. Many bask visiting the zoo and taking a quality locomotion by the honeycomb.”

#3: North Avenue Beach

Couple connected  the River Walk successful  Chicago

Photo courtesy of Aanna Chase Photography

“I whitethorn beryllium biased, but Chicago has the astir gorgeous skyline, and North Ave Beach is 1 of the champion places to amusement it off,” shares Aanna, a wedding and manner photographer. “Walking retired connected the pier is not lone an escapade with the upwind and the waves, but it besides results successful 1 of the champion views of Chicago and Lake Michigan.”

Chicago Loop neighborhood

Home to the astir iconic Chicago attraction, Cloud Gate, the Chicago Loop neighborhood has plentifulness of beauteous places to admire. Spend your time admiring the city’s architecture oregon instrumentality a cruise of the river, you’ll find Chicago’s quality everyplace you look. Locals accidental the pursuing places are must-visits for anyone surviving successful the Windy City’s Loop neighborhood.

#4: Millennium Park

Wedding photoshoot successful  Millennium Park

Photo courtesy of Gia Dragoi Photography

Gia, a wedding lensman based successful Chicago, suggests checking retired Millennium Park if you’re looking for a beauteous spot to explore. “You’ll find beauteous gardens and precise well-maintained earthy looks astatine Millennium Park. Being an municipality park, you’ll beryllium captivated by Chicago buildings. The parkland is truthful choky and cozy that you tin marque it look similar you’re successful a meadow distant from the city”

#5: The Willis Tower

The Willis Tower successful  Chicago

The Willis Tower, besides known arsenic the Sears Tower, is simply a 110-story, 1,450-foot skyscraper successful Chicago, Illinois. At the clip of its completion successful 1973, it surpassed the World Trade Center successful New York to go the tallest gathering successful the world, a rubric it held for astir 25 years. The Willis Tower is the second-tallest gathering successful the Western Hemisphere and the 16th-tallest successful the world.

#6: Riverwalk

A bride successful  the wind

Photo courtesy of Marie Miller Photography

“Chicago’s cityscape offers countless opportunities for stunning landscape, my favourite is the Chicago Riverwalk.” Shares Marie, an lawsuit and workplace photographer. “This 1.5-mile municipality oasis provides divers scenic backdrops similar tree-lined promenades, h2o views, sights of Chicago’s historical architecture, and the breathtaking skyline. Whether walking on the banks of the Chicago River oregon crossed 1 of the overpasses, this waterway creates the mounting to seizure singular moments.”

Beautiful places successful the West Loop neighborhood

If you’re adjacent the West Loop neighborhood, beryllium definite to cheque retired apical attractions similar Union Park which boasts beauteous views of the trains and the city. You’ll besides find the WNDR Museum which has interactive, immersive creation displays cleanable for those looking for a ocular experience. Here are a fewer much sights each Chicago section needs to see.

#7: Green Street Smoked Meats courtyard

A mates  embracing successful  an alley

Photo courtesy of Mandelette Photography

If you’re looking for a lesser-known beauteous spot successful Chicago, Rachel, a section photographer, and videographer, recommends the Green Street Smoked Meats courtyard. “This courtyard features hanging lights, greenery, and exposed brick, making for a beauteous hidden gem successful Chicago. Escape the assemblage and sojourn this courtyard successful the wintertime to spot the vacation quality for yourself.”

#8: Murals successful the alleyways successful West Loop

Person dancing successful  the thoroughfare  with buildings

Photo courtesy of Anderson Photography

Beth, a Chicago creation and manner photographer, loves to telephone the West Loop area: Mural Magic. “Taking a stroll down a fewer alleyways, you volition find unsocial creation created connected the broadside of buildings. If you clip it conscionable right, the airy is stunning, reflecting disconnected the buildings successful the distance.”

South Loop neighborhood

The South Loop is simply a vibrant vicinity surrounded by Lake Michigan, assorted parks, and the river, which makes for beauteous spots each around. Explore the Ping Tom Memorial Park, a 17.44-acre municipality park, and regard astatine the Chinese scenery and design, oregon drawback your friends and caput to the lakefront for scenic views of Lake Michigan and the metropolis – you won’t beryllium disappointed. Once you’ve seen those spectacular sites, cheque retired these different beauteous places successful the South Loop neighborhood. 

#9: Adler Planetarium successful Museum Campus

A bride throwing her veil with Chicago down  her

Photo courtesy of H Photography

“One of the astir beauteous places successful Chicago is the Adler Planetarium area, “shares Doru, a section wedding photographer. “The presumption from determination is breathtaking, with the Chicago skyline reflecting onto Lake Michigan. It’s astir apt 1 of the fewest places successful Chicago wherever you tin bask an unfastened presumption astatine sunset oregon sunrise.”

#10: Printers Row and Dearborn Station

Skyrise ceramic  buildings

Photo courtesy of Paul Zimmerman Photography

“Printers Row and Dearborn Station are conscionable 1 of the galore places successful Chicago wherever you person the accidental to marvel astatine the wonderment of Chicago’s astonishing architecture,” shares Paul, a  commercialized merchandise photographer. With the iconic and historical ceramic buildings, Paul has ever appreciated what these fewer Chicago blocks offered Chicagoans and those visiting.

Beautiful places successful the River North neighborhood

If you’re looking for metropolis charm, you’ll request to cheque retired the River North neighborhood. Here you’ll find beauteous historical warehouse buildings afloat of unsocial creation galleries, section businesses, and more. Chicago experts accidental the beneath buildings are must-sees.

#11: The Wrigley Building

Wedding portraits successful  a courtyard

Photo courtesy of Winterlyn Photography

Winterlyn, a wedding photographer, recommends checking retired The Wrigley Building. “The Wrigley Building is simply a beacon successful the Chicago skyline. The gathering is tucked successful and retired of show close disconnected Michigan Ave, holding astonishing architecture and elegance. During sunset, the airy shines done the columns and lights up the country sophisticatedly. It is simply a breathtaking country of our beauteous city.”

#12: Merchandise Mart

The Mart gathering  successful  Chicago

The Merchandise Mart is simply a commercialized gathering successful Chicago that opened successful 1930. The Mart, located connected the Chicago River, is the world’s largest commercialized building, with 4.2 cardinal quadrate feet of space. The Merchandise Mart has been location to galore businesses implicit the years, including the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Chicago Tribune. If you’re successful the country at night, you’ll privation to ticker for THE MART, a projection of stunning creation visuals connected the beforehand broadside of the building.

St. Charles neighborhood

Located conscionable 35 miles westbound of downtown Chicago, you’ll find yourself successful the St. Charles neighborhood. This beauteous vicinity sits connected the banks of the Fox River, offering an abundance of earthy quality to each of those that reside there.

#13: Fox River

Fox River astatine  sunset

Photo courtesy of Bella Tu Photography

“Downtown St. Charles is situated close connected the Fox River, and the sunsets implicit the h2o are breathtaking,” shares Bella. “There is truthful overmuch charm successful this adorable riverside metropolis with its restaurants overlooking the stream and inspirational painted murals.”

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