11 Fun-To-Drive Electric Cars

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When the archetypal modern hybrid cars deed the market, determination was a batch of absorption from the public, with precise small aboriginal adopters consenting to hazard their currency connected the caller technology. Issues specified arsenic scope anxiety, mediocre show and the deficiency of a charging infrastructure kept buyers astatine bay successful the aboriginal 2000s.

Then, arsenic Tesla came along, bringing some a due electrical conveyance arsenic good arsenic a unchangeable and ever expanding charging network, prospective buyers became much unfastened towards acquiring an electrical car. The EV spark had ignited.  In the decennary to come, different ample automakers followed suit, immoderate with much zeal than others. Now, electrical vehicles are nary longer a novelty and charging stations are contiguous each astir the globe.

Still, naysayers volition reason that electrical cars deficiency the psyche and passionateness of a due combustion motor counterpart. Is driving an EV boring, soulless? We person listed 11 cars to debunk that story (in nary peculiar order)!


Pininfarina Battista

Electric Hypercars
For the past respective decades Italian automakers person produced immoderate of the astir celebrated and breathtaking high-performance cars to grace the planet.  Pininfarina is the latest Italian automaker to up the show ante with their all-new Battista electrical hypercar.  The Battista boasts a jaw-dropping 1,900 hp and 1,725 lb.ft of torque, which cements it arsenic the astir almighty Italian car successful history!  If you privation to acquisition this electrical hypercar’s shaper claimed 1.8 2nd dash to 60 mph and 217 mph apical velocity past you’ll request to scope heavy into your wallet and fork implicit 4,409 lbs. of $1 dollar bills …or $2 cardinal dollars.


Hyundai Ioniq 5

Fun Electric Cars
While the Koreans person been producing immoderate decent EVs for a portion now, Hyundai´s Ioniq 5 is successful different league. First of all, it´s a existent caput turner, ditching the annoying fake grille for a much elegant bleeding trim motif. It someway manages to adhere to each pedestrian information and aerodynamic demands portion inactive looking similar what seems to beryllium a conception car.

The Ultimate trim brings the astir almighty powerfulness unit, pushing 300bhp to the wheels for a adjacent 5 2nd 0-60 mph time. Tipping the scales astatine implicit 2 tons, the Ioniq manages to accelerate faster than a Golf GTI, and doesn’t look fractional atrocious portion doing it! That´s what 446 lb.ft of torque volition bash for you.


Ford Mustang Mach-E GT

Fun To Drive Electric Suv
The Mustang Mach-E was fixed the hard task of inducing Ford successful the electrical SUV niche. When radical deliberation “Mustang” they deliberation of a low, sleek and assertive 2-door sports coupe, and often with large throaty V8.  So, 1 could ideate the daze of seeing the pony badge slapped connected an SUV, adjacent more, an electrical one.

Yet, Ford engineers intelligibly didn’t privation to tarnish the legendary Mustang nameplate.  They went each out, and the Mustang Mach-E GT comes packed with powerfulness and an acceleration to rival the likes of Tesla. The dual centrifugal powertrain is bully for 480 hp and a staggering 635 lb-ft of torque. What´s amusive astir it? There is virtually zero hold from throttle input to traction starting to devour astatine the wheels.

Even if the curb value sits astatine 5011lbs, the Mach-E GT is conscionable arsenic amusive to thrust connected the interstate arsenic is connected the backmost roads acknowledgment to the MagneRide 2 adaptive suspension damping assemblage roll.


Tesla Model 3 Performance

Fun To Drive Electric Vehicles
Tesla drove the spearhead efforts towards electrification of user cars. Now it offers 4 models successful its lineup, with assorted different projects occasionally teased by its eccentric centibillionaire leader. The exemplary 3 came arsenic a much affordable mentation of Tesla Model S, but its Performance trim packs a punch.

Two electrical motors propulsion the all-wheel thrust strategy from 0 to 60 mph successful 3.3 seconds – which is capable to embarrass immoderate supercars. Surprisingly, the Model 3 besides stands retired from the mean EV handling capabilities, with precise small assemblage thin and plentifulness of velocity that tin beryllium safely carried astir the corners. If you privation to ammunition retired the other dough, you tin witnesser Tesla´s awesome autonomous systems hard astatine enactment successful the Model 3, a diagnostic that is yet to beryllium caught by immoderate different automaker


Polestar 2

Fun To Drive Electric Automobiles
Forked from Volvo, Polestar was the skunkworks of the Swedish automaker´s racing division. Now existing arsenic a standalone builder of show electrical cars, it provided the attention-grabbing Polestar 1 backmost successful 2017.

Polestar 2 came retired arsenic a fully-fledged accumulation model, hungrily aiming for the throne of Tesla Model 3. The apical model, Long Range Dual Motor variation brings a 50-50 front-rear powerfulness divided of 400bhp. The powerfulness comes backed successful a Swedish-fashioned bodywork, a no-nonsense, bold attack to designing cars. The physique prime rivals luxury automakers and the thrust is worthy of a sportscar.


Tesla Model S Plaid

Fun To Drive Electric Cars
Model S is Tesla´s crown jewel, boasting the highest integration of modern technology, some successful presumption of self-driving capabilities and electrical powertrain. It seems nevertheless that Tesla’s president Elon Musk did not person capable fun, truthful thus, the Model S Plaid was launched.

It is simply an absurdly accelerated mentation of the Model S, breaking velocity records near and right. The monstrous 1020-hp powertrain spins its electrical engines astatine 20,000RPM and needs conscionable 2 seconds to get from 0 to 60 miles per hour. The Model S Plaid keeps connected accelerating up to a 200mph apical speed, making it a due electrical monster and leaving astir combustion cars acold far behind.

Why is it named “Plaid” you ask?  Take a look astatine Mel Brook’s 1987 abstraction drama “Spaceballs” to find out!


Porsche Taycan Turbo S

Fun To Drive Evs
Even if it does not diagnostic a classical turbo filled powerfulness portion oregon an existent motor needing turbocharging, the Taycan inactive received the Turbo S badge. It made for rather a fewer snickers and nudges astir the automotive community.

However, jokes and laughs rapidly disappeared when, tested against competition, Taycan Turbo S blew everything retired of the water. The wrong of the compartment lets you cognize that first, you’re successful a Porsche. Only then, you recognize it’s an EV. Seats are snuggling tightly, steering is close connected point.

The debased halfway of gravity, electronically adaptive dampers and 3 thrust modes instrumentality the Taycan Turbo S astir immoderate bend, connected immoderate track. One would spell arsenic acold arsenic to accidental that, with bully noise-canceling headphones, you could hardly archer whether it’s the Turbo S oregon the 911 GT3. After all, you are successful power of nary little than 750hp and 774 lb-ft of torque disposable instantly.


Aspark Owl

Best Electric Hypercars
So acold connected the list, Europe and the US person dominated the amusive to thrust EVs. However, the Aspark Owl is an electrical hypercar afloat developed and built successful Japan. It’s besides Japan’s archetypal hypercar, careless of the benignant of substance used.

After being relentlessly teased for astir 4 years, the Aspark Owl was revealed to the nationalist with a bang. The agelong lines, acute angles and involute curves marque for a striking quality anyplace connected the thoroughfare oregon connected the track. Only 50 examples volition beryllium built, each coming with the aforesaid futuristic bodywork and a staggering 1,985hp, 1,475 lb-ft drivetrain. How amusive is that?

To supply the Godzillian magnitude of powerfulness mentioned above, Aspark Owl makes usage of 4 electrical motors. Given the utmost powerfulness figures, Aspark teased the Owl arsenic the fastest accelerating car successful the world, with a 0-60 mph clip of 1.69 seconds and a apical velocity of 249 mph.

While the plan and powerfulness numbers are outstanding, truthful is the price. The cutting borderline Japanese exertion volition propulsion each of the 50 promised pieces astatine $3.56 million.


Tesla Roadster

Fun To Drive Ev
Teased and re-teased by Musk, the Tesla Roadster is expected to go the caller crown jewel of the Silicon Valley EV giant. The Roadster resurrects the archetypal 2008 nameplate that enactment Tesla connected the database of worldwide automakers.


According to Tesla, the Roadster volition beryllium sold for $200,000, with a constricted Founders variation going for $250,000. What’s amusive astir it? The unveiled conception successful 2017 came with a promised 1.9 2nd 0 to 60 mph clip and a apical velocity beyond 250mph.


Elon Musk further noted that the Roadster volition beryllium susceptible of a blistering 8.8 2nd 4th mile, a preposterous assertion for a accumulation conveyance anterior to electrical propulsion. If the numbers yet beryllium true, the Tesla Roadster shall bushed the McLaren 570S by a full 2nd connected the resistance strip.


Lotus Evija

Electric Hypercar
Just similar its Japanese counterpart (and contender), Lotus Evija aims to propulsion the boundaries of electrical hypercars, reaching caller horizons. Not lone that Lotus decided to spell afloat electrical successful a niche filled with hybrid powertrains, but it volition besides supply utile features specified arsenic high-speed charging capabilities and racing aerodynamics. Oh, it’s besides truly fast!

Four electrical motors volition propulsion the Evija by the combined powerfulness of astir 2000hp, besides receiving the rubric of the astir almighty accumulation car connected the planet.

There is simply a plethora of overgarment choices, premium interior and a azygous velocity automatic gearbox to instrumentality you from 0 to 60 mph successful a heartbeat and past pursuit the 200mph mark, each successful 1 throttle pedal mashing. Torque vectoring and a responsive steering rack lucifer the brutal acceleration with excellent, grip-limit cornering ability. Only 130 models volition beryllium built, each being slapped with an eye-popping $2 cardinal terms tag.


Rimac Nevera

Electric Supercars
It’s inactive alternatively surreal to spot however successful the modern automotive world, tech giants travel retired of obscurity and propulsion highly almighty electrical vehicles to the marketplace to vie with the champion of bequest car makers offerings. While Mate Rimac and his hypercar gathering institution isn’t a novelty anymore, his fingerprint being hardly near connected us, Rimac inactive continues to supply outstanding pieces of engineering.


Initially codenamed C_Two, the Nevera aims to scope the outer limits of automotive technology, contempt coming from Croatia, a state with nary past whatsoever successful the tract of car building, nevermind EVs.


Four imperishable magnet motors thrust each instrumentality independently, with an H-shaped Li/Man/Ni artillery supplying 120kWh to support the running. The output of 1914bhp and 1,740 lb-ft of torque is matched by the astir precocious torque vectoring strategy successful the world.


Front and rear wheels are connected via azygous velocity gearboxes, providing the operator with hard to digest numbers: from a standstill, Rimac Nevera needs lone 1.85 seconds to scope 60 mph, 4.3 seconds to 100mph, leveling disconnected astatine astir 258mph. Only 150 units are scheduled to beryllium built, with apt astir of them already being reserved.



Are electrical cars boring? The existent reply is, it depends. We find ourselves successful a clip wherever alternatives to combustion are not a conception anymore, but a strict necessity. And portion the wide of electrical cars are built to supply functionality implicit performance, determination is nary mode to enactment the full EV manufacture nether occurrence for lacking soul.


The database supra proves that adjacent successful a satellite of batteries and not gasoline, determination is plentifulness of amusive to beryllium caput down the wheel.

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