11 Best Raw Dog Food Brands

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Many favored parents are turning to the champion earthy canine nutrient brands for their pet’s dietary needs. Kibble mightiness beryllium the convenient option, but it often lacks the macromolecule and nutrients that dogs payment from. Raw canine nutrient is simply a fare that tin assistance support your canine successful signifier portion besides appealing to picky eaters.

However, switching to earthy canine nutrient requires immoderate probe to marque definite you take a look that’s perfect for your dog’s needs. Consider your dog’s weight, wellness conditions, allergies, and preferences erstwhile deciding what benignant of earthy nutrient to get them.

What is Raw Dog Food?

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“Raw canine food” usually describes immoderate benignant of canine nutrient that uses raw, uncooked ingredients, specified arsenic meat, organs, bones, fruits, and vegetables. It’s designed to mimic the high-protein diets of your dog’s ancestors.

In the wild, it’s communal for canines to devour full animals aft hunting them, bones and all. So, your dog’s ancestors ate nutrient that was precocious successful macromolecule with minimal carbohydrates. Dogs person changed a batch since their clip successful the wild, but they inactive payment from a fare that contains tons of existent meat.

Most canine parents provender their dogs adust food, which is precocious successful carbohydrates to springiness it a crunchy texture and summation its support life. Kibble often has much carbs than dogs are meant to ingest, which tin pb to value summation and different wellness problems successful immoderate cases. Thus, galore canine parents are present trying earthy canine nutrient to springiness their pups meals that are higher successful real, nutritious carnal products.

Raw canine nutrient is usually served successful frozen oregon frost dried forms.

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 Raw Dog Food vs. Fresh Dog Food

Fresh canine nutrient is different benignant of canine nutrient that’s increasing successful popularity owed to its precocious macromolecule and prime ingredients. Both earthy and caller nutrient incorporate full ingredients, including meat, fruits, and vegetables. However, the main quality is that caller nutrient goes done a cooking process portion earthy nutrient doesn’t.

If you’d alternatively service your canine caller nutrient alternatively of earthy food, cheque retired the best caller canine nutrient brands.

Can You Make Your Own Raw Dog Food Recipes?

Yes, galore canine parents take to make their ain earthy canine nutrient recipes arsenic opposed to buying a brand. However, this tin beryllium risky if you don’t cognize what you’re doing. You’ll request to guarantee your canine gets a due equilibrium of protein, fat, carbs, and nutrients. If you’re not assured you tin hole that for your dog, you tin speech to a vet oregon canine nutritionist for advice.

Even though creating earthy canine nutrient recipes is tricky for beginners, it tin assistance you consciousness much assured astir your dog’s wellness successful the agelong run. You’ll cognize precisely what’s going into your dog’s meals, truthful you tin cater those ingredients to acceptable your dog’s needs, specified arsenic including their favourite foods and excluding their allergies.

However, earthy canine nutrient brands are mostly safer and much convenient for canine parents utilizing earthy nutrient for the archetypal time. They’ll already supply a nutritionally-balanced repast for your furry friend, truthful determination are little risks involved.

Raw Dog Food Pros and Cons

Dog eating champion  earthy   canine  nutrient  retired  of bowl

Like each types of canine food, determination are benefits and downsides to earthy canine food. Here are immoderate pros and cons to consider.

Benefits of Raw Dog Food

  • Uses limited, high-quality ingredients
  • Appeals to picky eaters
  • Improves digestion
  • Reduces allergy symptoms
  • Improves tegument and overgarment health
  • Leads to firmer stools
  • Assists with value management
  • Increases vigor levels

Downsides of Raw Dog Food

  • It’s expensive
  • Has a higher hazard of spreading bacteria
  • Can beryllium harder to store
  • Takes much clip to hole and serve

Best Raw Dog Food Brands

Below are immoderate of the champion earthy canine nutrient brands connected the marketplace to assistance you determine which 1 is the champion prime for your furry friend.

1. Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

Darwin's earthy   canine  food

Darwin’s is simply a subscription-based earthy canine nutrient brand, making it 1 of the champion earthy canine nutrient transportation services. Customers commencement by filling retired a questionnaire astir their dog, and then, the institution volition suggest the champion earthy nutrient to acceptable their pup’s needs. The nutrient is auto-shipped to your doorway frozen for nary further cost. So, you volition person to thaw it successful the fridge overnight earlier serving it to your dog.

There are 3 main types of earthy formulas: Natural Selections, BioLogics, and Intelligent Design. Natural Selections are made utilizing free-range meats and integrated vegetables portion BioLogic uses conventionally-sourced ingredients astatine a much affordable price. Then, Intelligent Design has formulas catered to circumstantial wellness conditions. There are galore macromolecule options available, including chicken, duck, turkey, beef, and lamb. Canine nutritionists helped formulate the recipes.

All of Darwin’s nutrient is precocious successful carnal protein, with implicit 70% macromolecule successful each meal. This nutrient tin vessel nationwide successful the United States, but you won’t find it successful immoderate favored stores. Many canine parents emotion this marque due to the fact that it offers balanced earthy diets successful easy-to-open packages. The lone downside is that this nutrient is pricier than different fashionable earthy nutrient brands.


  • Offers personalized feeding plans
  • Variety of repast options
  • You tin take betwixt antithetic constituent sourcing options
  • Free shipping to your door
  • Good for dogs with allergies
  • Recipes formulated with the assistance of canine nutritionists

2. We Feed Raw

We Feed Raw vessel  of canine  food

We Feed Raw is different canine nutrient institution that creates repast plans that cater to your dog’s needs. All you person to bash is reply immoderate questions astir your pet, and past the institution volition suggest the perfect nutrient for them. During the questionnaire, the institution takes into relationship your dog’s age, weight, breed, allergies, and existent diet.

This institution offers earthy canine nutrient successful respective proteins, including chicken, beef, turkey, duck, lamb, and venison. All the formulas are created by a PhD carnal nutritionist who has implicit 30 years of acquisition successful the industry. The nutrient is ever precocious successful protein, truthful the archetypal 4 to 5 ingredients travel from existent carnal products. All the nutrient comes from animals raised connected farms successful the United States and New Zealand.

This institution lone uses USDA-certified and human-grade meats for its products. The nutrient is shipped to your doorway astatine nary further cost. It tin beryllium shipped to immoderate of the 48 contiguous states. The nutrient ships cold, and it tin enactment caller successful the refrigerator for up to 4 days. In the freezer, it tin past for up to six months.


  • Offers personalized feeding plans
  • Free shipping to your door
  • Good for dogs with allergies
  • Only uses human-grade meats
  • Formulated by PhD carnal nutritionist
  • iHeartDogs Offer: Save 20% connected your archetypal order

3. Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw Dinner Patties

Stella & Chewy's earthy   meal  patties

If you’re not looking to perpetrate to a questionnaire oregon subscription to get earthy canine food, Stella & Chewy’s is simply a much convenient option. Their earthy nutrient comes successful the signifier of frost dried earthy patties, which helps springiness it a longer support beingness portion inactive preserving the nutrients of earthy food. The institution offers a wide assortment of macromolecule options, including chicken, lamb, pork, rabbit, beef, turkey, and venison.

Since the nutrient is successful patties, it’s casual to information retired your dog’s meals. You tin service the frost dried patties as-is, but Stella & Chewy’s recommends rehydrating them to springiness your canine immoderate added moisture. To rehydrate, you tin crumble the nutrient and adhd a 1/4 cupful of h2o for each 2 patties. These patties tin beryllium utilized arsenic afloat meals, but galore favored parents usage them arsenic nutrient toppers instead.

95% of the look includes meat, organs, and bones. The recipes besides person integrated fruits and vegetables successful them. The ingredients utilized tin payment tegument and overgarment health, bosom health, and digestion. The patties are besides grain-free to cater to dogs with allergies. This company’s products are sold successful favored proviso stores crossed the United States, and the nutrient is formulated successful USA facilities.


  • Easy to portion
  • Easy to store
  • Several ways to serve
  • Good for dogs with allergies
  • Variety of options

4. Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Meals

Instinct frost  dried earthy   meal

Instinct offers different 1 of the champion earthy frost dried canine foods owed to its convenience. It comes successful small, frost dried pellets that are astir the size of kibble pieces. You tin provender the pieces as-is oregon you tin premix them with lukewarm water, which is perfect for making definite your pup gets capable moisture. These frost dried pieces tin beryllium served arsenic afloat meals oregon nutrient toppers.

85% of the look includes meat, organs, and bones. Then, the remainder contains non-GMO fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals. Despite looking similar kibble, this canine nutrient has ne'er been cooked and it’s minimally processed to sphere the nutrients. All the canine nutrient is made successful USA kitchens. This nutrient comes with either beef, chicken, oregon lamb arsenic the superior protein.

The frost dried earthy meals are the much fashionable choice, but determination are besides frozen earthy meals available. If you’re not acceptable to power wholly to raw, Instinct besides offers “Raw Boost” recipes, which are kibble mixed with frost dried earthy pieces.


  • Convenient to store
  • Several ways to serve
  • Good for dogs with allergies
  • Other types of earthy nutrient are besides available

5. Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw

Open Farm frost  dried earthy   food

Open Farm offers a wide assortment of canine food, including dry, wet, fresh, and raw. Their earthy canine nutrient is frost dried to marque it easier to store and service to your pup. Like different frost dried options, it tin beryllium utilized arsenic a afloat repast oregon a topper. Freeze dried earthy nutrient tin beryllium pricy, truthful galore favored parents prevention wealth by mixing it volition kibble.

The frost dried pieces are astir the size of kibble, truthful they’re acceptable to service erstwhile you determination them retired of the bag. If you’re disquieted your canine isn’t ingesting capable liquid, you tin premix lukewarm h2o with the food. Otherwise, marque definite cleanable h2o is accessible to your canine portion they’re eating.

There are six formulas available: surf & turf, grass-fed beef, pasture-raised lamb, homestead turkey, harvest chicken, and farmer’s array pork. Each look contains nutrient from humanely-raised animals, on with integrated fruits and vegetables. On Open Farm’s website, the root of each constituent is listed.


  • Convenient to store
  • Can beryllium served successful respective ways
  • Good for dogs with allergies
  • Lots of macromolecule options
  • Lists constituent sourcing connected the website

6. Sojos Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food

Sojos convenient earthy   canine  food

Sojos’ earthy canine nutrient is designed to supply implicit earthy meals successful a convenient form. Their recipes are perfect for dogs of each ages, sizes, and breeds. They presently person 5 formulas: turkey, beef, lamb, chicken, and elder turkey & salmon. They besides person “Mix-a-Meal” recipes that are earthy canine nutrient toppers.

To service this food, you request to premix and measurement the close magnitude of nutrient and h2o arsenic directed connected the bag. Then, you’ll fto the nutrient soak successful the h2o for 15 minutes earlier feeding it to your dog. The mentation clip is simply a spot longer than it is for different brands, but the other soaking helps activate the nutrients and enzymes successful the food. Every lb of Sojos canine nutrient makes up to 5 pounds of nutrient erstwhile rehydrated.

Sojos uses constituent lists that are “short and sweet” to debar allergic reactions successful dogs. The USDA-approved carnal macromolecule is paired with human-grade, air-dried fruits and vegetables. All the formulas are made successful kitchens successful the United States.


  • Uses USDA-approved and human-grade ingredients
  • Rehydrating activates the nutrients
  • Variety of options
  • Good for dogs with allergies
  • Easy to store

7. Wysong Raw Dog Food

Wysong earthy   canine  food

Wysong offers a fewer antithetic types of earthy canine nutrient diets. Their archetypal earthy fare is called Archetype, which is simply a container of frost dried earthy canine nutrient that needs to beryllium rehydrated earlier serving. Some recipes of the Archetype nutrient besides travel successful the signifier of burgers for customers that privation larger quantities. They besides merchantability “UnCanny” bedewed nutrient recipes, which are designed to beryllium mixed with the Archetype formulas.

This brand’s earthy nutrient comes successful chicken, rabbit, quail, and beef. All options are precocious successful earthy macromolecule and fat. They besides incorporate works nutrients, prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. These “Non-Thermal” earthy canine nutrient options are designed to mimic your dog’s ancestral fare by focusing connected precocious protein. The nutrient is lone sold successful tiny packages that sphere nutrients, truthful it tin marque a large nutrient topper if you don’t privation to usage it arsenic a meal.

If you similar this brand, but your canine isn’t a instrumentality of their earthy food, they besides person adust and bedewed nutrient formulas. All the products tin beryllium ordered online oregon purchased astatine prime favored proviso stores.


  • A assortment of earthy canine nutrient options
  • Contains tons of nutrients
  • Packaging preserves nutrients
  • Good for dogs with allergies
  • Several ways to service it
  • iHeartDogs Offer: 10% disconnected steadfast nutrient with the codification 10OFFWYSONG

8. Primal Freeze Dried Raw Nuggets

Primal freeze-dried nuggets

Primal’s frost dried earthy canine nutrient comes successful the signifier of brushed nuggets. The nuggets marque it casual to information retired meals for your canine based connected their weight. To crook the frost dried pieces into steadfast meals, you tin crumble up the nuggets erstwhile they’re portioned and adhd lukewarm water, broth, oregon goat beverage to it. You’ll premix the chosen liquid with the nutrient to rehydrate it, making it much nutritious and flavorful for your dog.

These frost dried nuggets marque large afloat meals oregon nutrient toppers. They travel successful a assortment of macromolecule options, including beef, lamb, pork, duck, venison, and rabbit. This institution besides offers immoderate frozen earthy options.

All the ingredients utilized successful primal foods are sourced from sustainable ranchers and inspected by the USDA. In summation to prime carnal protein, they besides person integrated fruits and vegetables, on with non-synthetic vitamins and minerals. Overall, this is simply a convenient prime for canine parents who are caller to earthy canine food. However, immoderate customers complained that the nuggets were crumbled erstwhile they received them.


  • Comes successful a assortment of proteins
  • Easy to portion
  • Can beryllium served successful respective ways
  • Packed with nutrients
  • Easy to store and question with

9. Raw Wild LLC

Raw Wild LLC

Raw Wild is an online earthy canine nutrient subscription service. The nutrient volition vessel to your doorway successful a Styrofoam cooler, and it should beryllium stored successful the freezer to sphere its freshness. When preparing to service the nutrient to your dog, you should thaw it successful the refrigerator overnight. You tin get a discount if you bid the proceedings for the archetypal time.

All of Raw Wild’s nutrient is made from chaotic elk and deer. Over 99% of the nutrient includes nutrient and bones from chaotic animals. The institution chose not to see organs due to the fact that they didn’t privation to adhd organs that could perchance contaminate the chaotic food. The remainder of the nutrient is made up of indispensable vitamins and minerals.

Raw Wild is simply a spot pricier than galore different earthy canine nutrient brands due to the fact that they person a constricted banal since each the nutrient comes from chaotic animals. They hand-pack and hand-inspect each merchandise to guarantee it’s the perfect quality. All the products conscionable AAFCO standards, and the nutrient is processed successful a installation that besides processes elk and cervid for quality consumption. So, the standards and level of prime are ever precocious with this brand.


  • Only uses nutrient from chaotic animals
  • Over 99% of the nutrient is nutrient and bones
  • Avoids organs to trim the hazard of contamination
  • Subscription ships to your door
  • Uses uncommon types of human-grade meat

10. Halo Meal Bites Freeze Dried Raw

Halo Meal Bites

Halo Freeze Dried Raw Meal Bites utilized to beryllium called TruDog Feed Me Freeze Dried Dog Food. The branding changed successful July 2022. Even though the sanction and packaging are different, the nutrient inactive has the aforesaid large look and taste. The institution freeze-dries earthy ingredients into crunchy pellets to fastener successful the earthy nutrients and flavors.

The nutrient tin beryllium served as-is, but the institution recommends rehydrating it to springiness your canine other moisture. If you don’t rehydrate the food, marque definite your pup has entree to cleanable water. The archetypal respective ingredients of the nutrient are carnal nutrient and organs, on with vitamins and nutrients. Looking astatine the constituent database mightiness not dependable appealing to you, but it’s steadfast and mouth-watering for dogs.

You tin take betwixt beef, turkey, whitefish, oregon turkey & duck recipes. Some canine parents aren’t fond of this nutrient due to the fact that it has beardown odors, but that means that it usually interests picky eaters.


  • Convenient to store
  • Locks successful earthy nutrients and flavors
  • Multiple ways to serve
  • Appeals to picky dogs
  • Good for dogs with delicate stomachs

11. Raw Paws Pet Food

Raw beef look    for dogs

Raw Paws has the champion assortment erstwhile it comes to earthy canine food. They connection earthy nutrient recipes successful patties oregon ground-up. They person products with and without fruits and vegetables, and they adjacent connection earthy nutrient connected its own. So, you tin either bid pre-made earthy recipes oregon you tin bid simpler products and adhd ingredients to them to make customizable meals for your dog.

They connection chicken, beef, turkey, salmon, lamb, goat, and venison products. So, determination are plentifulness of products to take from careless of your dog’s preferences. Most of the nutrient needs to beryllium stored successful the freezer, and past you tin thaw it successful the fridge erstwhile you hole for your dog’s upcoming meals. There are respective earthy dainty options too. The nutrient tin each beryllium ordered online and shipped to your door. It’s not disposable successful immoderate favored proviso stores.

The wide enactment of earthy canine nutrient products tin beryllium overwhelming for caller customers, but it allows you to take the 1 that is champion for your dog. All the products usage ingredients sourced from “responsible and ethical farms.” One of the champion parts of this institution is that they vessel the products rapidly truthful they don’t thaw during shipping. US orders placed connected weekdays vessel retired connected the aforesaid day, and play orders vessel retired the pursuing Monday.


  • Wide assortment of products are available
  • Fast shipping
  • Full meals, parts of earthy meals, and treats available
  • Good for picky eaters
  • Offers escaped repast plans

Transitioning to Raw Dog Food

It’s ever a bully thought to bash a gradual modulation erstwhile switching your canine to a caller nutrient due to the fact that it helps forestall tummy troubles. Transitioning is particularly important erstwhile there’s a drastic alteration successful diet, specified arsenic from kibble to earthy canine food.

Here’s our recommended transitioning process:

  • Days 1 to 3: Serve 80% aged nutrient with 20% caller earthy food
  • Days 4 to 7: Serve 50% aged nutrient with 50% caller food
  • Days 7 to 14: Serve 20% aged nutrient with 80% caller food
  • Day 15: 100% caller food

Since earthy nutrient is overmuch antithetic than adust canine food, it’s champion to person a dilatory transition. It should instrumentality astatine slightest 1 to 2 weeks earlier you provender your canine a 100% earthy diet. If you cognize your canine is delicate to caller foods, you whitethorn privation to marque the modulation adjacent much gradual. It’s amended to beryllium harmless than atrocious erstwhile it comes to your dog’s health.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Best Raw Dog nutrient  nether  desk

Below are immoderate communal questions canine parents switching to earthy nutrient ask.

Are Raw Dog Food Diets Safe?

Yes, earthy diets are harmless for dogs, arsenic agelong arsenic they supply a balanced diet. Dogs person shorter digestive tracts and higher acidity successful their digestive systems, allowing them to tolerate bacteria amended than humans. So, arsenic agelong arsenic you take a marque with an perfect equilibrium of ingredients and travel done with a gradual transition, your canine volition beryllium improbable to look issues.

How Will Raw Food Change My Dog’s Stool?

Once a canine gets utilized to a earthy diet, their stool volition apt beryllium smaller and firmer. However, during the modulation period, you whitethorn announcement escaped stool arsenic their assemblage adjusts to the caller diet.

Can Dogs Get Salmonella From Raw Chicken?

Yes, dogs tin get Salmonella from earthy food, but dogs tin grip a higher level of bacteria than humans can. So, earthy canine nutrient poses a bigger hazard for humans than it does for dogs. To forestall the dispersed of bacteria, ever lavation your hands and thing other the earthy nutrient touched aft preparing your dog’s meals.

Are Bones successful Raw Dog Food Dangerous?

No, earthy bones are beneficial for your dog’s health. They don’t splinter the mode cooked bones do, truthful they’re safer to eat. However, earthy bones aren’t recommended for puppies nether six months due to the fact that their teeth aren’t beardown capable to chew them.

Can Dogs With Allergies Eat Raw Food?

Yes, earthy canine nutrient is mostly amended for dogs with allergies due to the fact that it has less ingredients. So, it’s easier to support way of what ingredients your canine is eating truthful you tin debar imaginable allergens.

Can You Switch Between Meat Sources When Serving Raw Dog Food?

Yes, erstwhile your canine has transitioned to a earthy diet, you tin power betwixt nutrient sources regularly. Using a assortment of nutrient sources is large for your dog’s wellness and keeps them funny successful the food, arsenic agelong arsenic you don’t usage nutrient they’re allergic to.

Is Raw Dog Food Grain-Free?

Yes, astir earthy canine nutrient recipes are grain-free due to the fact that earthy nutrient people doesn’t person grains. So, it tin beryllium large for dogs who person difficulties digesting grains.

Where Can You Buy Raw Dog Food?

Depending connected the brand, most earthy canine nutrient tin beryllium ordered online oregon purchased astatine a favored proviso store. Dehydrated earthy nutrient is easier to find astatine section stores than frozen oregon refrigerated food.

How Should You Defrost Raw Dog Food?

The champion mode to thaw frozen earthy canine nutrient is to move it to the fridge 12 to 24 hours earlier you program to service it.

Can Raw Dog Food Be Cooked?

Yes, you tin navigator earthy canine food, but it’s not intended to beryllium cooked. Cooking it volition region immoderate of the other nutrients that earthy nutrient is known for. If determination are earthy bones successful the food, cooking them could origin them to splinter and go dangerous.

Why Isn’t Raw Dog Food More Popular?

The fig of canine parents utilizing earthy diets is increasing, but it’s not precise fashionable for a fewer reasons. The biggest crushed is cost. A batch of favored parents aren’t capable to perpetrate other wealth and clip to preparing canine food, truthful sticking to kibble is the easier choice. Also, galore favored parents are unaware of the benefits and the assortment of options erstwhile it comes to earthy canine food.

Dog parents looking to effort earthy nutrient without wanting to power the repast wholly tin effort raw nutrient toppers.

Is Raw Dog Food Right for Your Pup?

If you’re looking for a healthier fare for your dog, the champion earthy canine nutrient brands should beryllium considered. Raw canine nutrient tin beryllium large for picky eaters oregon dogs who aren’t getting capable nutrients successful their existent diets. However, earthy nutrient tin beryllium pricy and whitethorn instrumentality much clip to hole for your dog, truthful it’s not for everyone. If you don’t privation to person to support your dog’s nutrient cold, you tin opt for immoderate of the champion frost dried earthy canine nutrient for easier storage.

No substance what marque you choose, the champion earthy canine nutrient fare tin assistance your pup person a healthier lifestyle. Any of the brands connected this database are large options to power to, arsenic agelong arsenic you supply a gradual transition.

Not definite if earthy canine nutrient is close for you? Check retired our list of Best Dog Foods to spot immoderate of the different options disposable to you and your pup.

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