10 Fun Facts About Columbia, SC: How Well Do You Know Your City?

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Are you funny astir the past and amusive facts of Columbia, SC? Whether you’re a nonmigratory oregon a visitant looking into the Columbia lodging market, this metropolis is afloat of hidden gems and absorbing tidbits that are definite to pique your interest. From its relation successful the blistery aerial balloon formation past to the antithetic outdoor crystal hockey game, Columbia has a affluent and fascinating past that spans centuries. On the different hand, its estimation arsenic the “Soda City” and the tract of the world’s largest boiled peanut statue are conscionable a fewer of the amusive facts that marque this metropolis truthful unsocial for those looking to determination into a caller house or condo successful Columbia. Keep speechmaking to observe 10 fun, humanities facts that volition assistance you get to cognize Columbia, SC a small better.

Finlay Park is the largest and astir   visited parkland  successful  downtown Columbia, South Carolina

1. Columbia is known arsenic “Soda City”

Columbia is known arsenic the “Soda City” due to the fact that of its galore soda fountains and its past arsenic a hub of the brushed portion industry. Columbia has a agelong past of being a large subordinate successful the brushed portion industry, dating backmost to the aboriginal 20th period erstwhile the archetypal Coca-Cola bottling works successful the authorities was established successful the city. Today, Columbia is location to respective unsocial soda fountains and trade soda makers, making it a large destination for anyone who loves sweet, bubbly drinks. The city’s nickname “Soda City” reflects its heavy transportation to this manufacture and the pridefulness it takes successful its unsocial soda culture.

2. The metropolis is location to the world’s largest occurrence hydrant

The metropolis is besides location to the world’s largest occurrence hydrant, which stands astatine 39 feet gangly and weighs 6,750 pounds. The elephantine occurrence hydrant was installed successful 2001 successful beforehand of the Columbia Canal and Riverfront Park arsenic portion of an effort to beautify the metropolis and beforehand nationalist art. The hydrant is not really functional, but it has go a beloved landmark and a fashionable spot for photograph ops. The occurrence hydrant’s agleam colors and whimsical plan marque it a unsocial and eye-catching summation to the city’s landscape.

Hot aerial  balloons implicit    a writer  tract  and a car

3. The world’s archetypal recorded blistery aerial balloon formation took spot successful Columbia

Columbia was the tract of the world’s archetypal recorded blistery aerial balloon flight, which took spot successful 1784. The formation was conducted by French brothers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier, who had developed the exertion for blistery aerial balloons. The Montgolfiers demonstrated their invention successful Columbia, successful beforehand of a ample assemblage of spectators who were amazed by the show of a blistery aerial balloon rising into the sky. Today, Columbia celebrates its spot successful aviation past with respective monuments and events dedicated to the Montgolfier brothers and their pioneering flight.

4. The “World’s Largest Boiled Peanut”

The metropolis is location to the “World’s Largest Boiled Peanut” statue, which stands astatine 10 feet gangly and weighs implicit 1,000 pounds. Boiled peanuts are a Southern delicacy, and Columbia takes its emotion of this snack nutrient to a full caller level with its elephantine boiled peanut statue. The statue, which was installed successful 2009, is made from fiberglass and depicts a elephantine peanut successful a boiling pot. It has go a fashionable photograph spot for tourists and a quirky awesome of the city’s emotion of boiled peanuts.

Columbia, South Carolina presumption    of the city's rooftops and the University of South Carolina field

5. Columbia was named aft Christopher Columbus

Columbia was named aft Christopher Columbus, but it was astir named “Washington” aft George Washington. When the metropolis was founded successful 1786, its founders chose the sanction “Columbia” to grant the explorer Christopher Columbus. However, determination was immoderate statement astir the name, and immoderate members of the authorities legislature argued that the metropolis should beryllium named aft George Washington instead. Ultimately, the sanction “Columbia” stuck.

6. Columbia Inferno brought hockey to the bosom of the city

The metropolis is location to the Columbia Inferno, a insignificant league crystal hockey squad that erstwhile played a crippled connected an outdoor rink successful the mediate of Main Street, in downtown Columbia. The Columbia Inferno was a nonrecreational crystal hockey squad that played successful the ECHL from 2001 to 2008. In 2007, the squad made headlines erstwhile it played an outdoor crippled against the Charlotte Checkers successful the mediate of Main Street. The crippled was a immense success, with thousands of fans turning retired to ticker the action. While the Columbia Inferno nary longer plays, the team’s bequest lives on, and the metropolis continues to enactment a thriving sports culture.

The South Carolina State House is the gathering  lodging  the authorities  of the U.S. authorities   of South Carolina

7. The South Carolina State House is simply a shining awesome of resilience

The South Carolina State House has a unsocial diagnostic – a elephantine copper dome that was added successful the 20th period to regenerate the archetypal woody dome, which was destroyed successful a fire. The South Carolina State House is 1 of the astir recognizable landmarks successful Columbia, and its copper dome is simply a large crushed why. The dome, which stands 180 feet tall, was added successful 1903 to regenerate the archetypal woody dome, which was destroyed successful a occurrence successful 1865. Today, the dome is simply a awesome of the state’s resilience and its committedness to advancement and innovation.

8. Columbia has affluent architectural heritage

Columbia is location to the world’s largest postulation of Robert Mills-designed buildings, including the South Carolina State House and the Washington Monument successful Washington, D.C. Robert Mills was a salient designer and technologist who designed respective important buildings and monuments successful the United States, including the South Carolina State House and the Washington Monument. Columbia is arrogant to beryllium location to respective of Mills’ astir important works, and visitors to the metropolis tin spot these historical buildings up adjacent and larn astir the architect’s beingness and legacy.

Puppeteers with their puppets connected  show

9. The Columbia Marionette Theatre brings the metropolis puppetry magic

The metropolis is location to the Columbia Marionette Theatre, a puppet theatre that has been entertaining audiences since 1988. The Columbia Marionette Theatre is simply a unsocial taste attraction that offers performances featuring beautifully crafted marionettes. The theatre has a loyal following, and its shows are fashionable for each ages. The Columbia Marionette Theatre is simply a testament to the city’s committedness to the arts and its dedication to preserving and promoting taste traditions.

10. Columbia has immoderate of the champion savory confederate food

Columbia is known for its vibrant nutrient scene, with galore unsocial section dishes similar “chicken bog,” a atom and chickenhearted dish, and “pimento cheese,” a dispersed made from food and peppers that is simply a confederate favorite. Columbia is simply a nutrient lover’s paradise, with a wide assortment of restaurants and eateries serving up delicious cuisine from astir the world. However, the metropolis is peculiarly arrogant of its section dishes, which bespeak the region’s affluent culinary past and its emotion of bold flavors and hearty fare. Whether you’re a instrumentality of classical Southern cooking oregon planetary cuisine, Columbia is definite to person thing to fulfill your appetite.

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