10 Best Fresh Dog Food Brands for Border Collies in 2022

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best caller  canine  nutrient  for Border Collies
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Feeding your Border Collie the champion caller canine nutrient tin person a large interaction connected their wide health. There are truthful galore brands retired there, but galore Border Collie parents are wary of the processed ingredients utilized successful them. Have you ever considered making homemade nutrient for your Border Collie but didn’t person capable clip oregon cognition to bash it? If so, the champion caller canine nutrient brands mightiness beryllium for you.

Fresh canine nutrient is simply a large mode to springiness your Border Collie a balanced fare with human-grade ingredients, but however bash you cognize which marque is the champion for your pup? Let’s instrumentality a look astatine the qualities of caller canine nutrient on with immoderate fashionable brands.

best caller  canine  nutrient  for Border Collies

What is Fresh Dog Food?

Fresh canine nutrient usually refers to favored nutrient that’s made with earthy ingredients cooked astatine a little somesthesia to sphere the nutrients. Thus, it doesn’t incorporate the additives and preservatives that are often successful kibble.

Most caller canine nutrient brands volition marque a customized look for your Border Collie based connected its lifestyle, and it’ll get delivered close to your door. Most formulas are made from scratch soon earlier shipping, which is wherefore it’s called “fresh” food.

Some Border Collie parents are hesitant to effort caller canine nutrient due to the fact that it tin beryllium pricier than processed adust oregon bedewed food, but it makes up for it due to the fact that of the prime ingredients and the personalization.

Pros and Cons of Fresh Dog Food

Every benignant of canine nutrient has its advantages and disadvantages. These pros and cons mightiness assistance you determine if caller canine nutrient is close for you and your Border Collie.

best caller  canine  nutrient  for Border Collies


  • Customizable – Fresh canine nutrient brands usually personalize meals to acceptable your dog’s needs. This volition guarantee that your Border Collie gets due portions and nutrients portion avoiding sensitivities.
  • Fresh Ingredients – The ingredients are fresh, natural, and minimally processed, giving your canine the maximum nutrients possible. You’ll cognize precisely what ingredients are going into your Border Collie‘s tummy.
  • Good for Picky Eaters – Fresh nutrient is much flavorful than kibble, making it appealing adjacent for picky Border Collie pups.
  • Delivered to Your Door – Most brands present their caller nutrient close to your doorway connected a acceptable schedule, truthful you don’t person to transportation location dense canine nutrient bags anymore.


  • Pricey – Fresh nutrient tends to beryllium much costly than kibble, truthful it mightiness not beryllium perfect for Border Collie parents connected a budget.
  • Short Shelf Life – Since caller nutrient doesn’t person arsenic galore preservatives arsenic kibble, it doesn’t past arsenic long. It usually needs to beryllium refrigerated oregon frozen to enactment fresh. So, it volition request to beryllium delivered much often than different types of nutrient would.
  • Needs to beryllium Refrigerated – The nutrient needs to enactment acold to enactment fresh, truthful it could beryllium an inconvenience for storing during travel.

What to Look For

Looking intimately astatine the features of each canine nutrient marque tin assistance you constrictive down your choices. So, present are a fewer aspects to take from erstwhile selecting the champion caller canine nutrient delivery.


Ingredients are important successful immoderate canine food. Many dogs person favourite flavors oregon ingredients they’re allergic to. So, by examining the ingredients listed, you tin determine if the nutrient is thing that volition beryllium harmless and absorbing for your Border Collie. Luckily, galore of the champion caller canine nutrient brands connection customizable repast plans to marque definite the ingredients cater to your Border Collie‘s needs.


For galore Border Collie parents, having personalized meals is important. If the meals are catered to your pup’s needs, they’re much apt to beryllium beneficial. Plus, customizable meals assistance galore canine parents consciousness astatine easiness knowing precisely what’s going into the food. If this facet is important to you, take a caller canine nutrient marque that offers customized repast plans.

best caller  canine  nutrient  for Border Collies


It’s nary concealed that caller canine nutrient tin beryllium pricey, but immoderate options outgo much than others. The much customizable the nutrient is, the much costly it volition apt be. Food that’s shipped to your doorway whitethorn besides outgo much than caller nutrient sold astatine stores. If you’re connected a budget, you whitethorn request to see the prices intimately erstwhile making your decision. Usually, the higher prices person amended quality, but much affordable options tin inactive supply wellness benefits.


Fresh favored nutrient usually offers transportation options, truthful the nutrient tin beryllium shipped frozen close to your door. Delivery is much convenient than picking nutrient up astatine a store, but it whitethorn besides outgo more. So, determine if transportation is simply a precedence to you erstwhile selecting a brand.


Finally, the company’s lawsuit work is an facet that shouldn’t beryllium ignored. If you person questions astir the institution oregon concerns astir your order, it should beryllium casual to scope retired to them and get help. The champion caller canine nutrient companies are usually blessed to nonstop you a caller bid if thing goes wrong. Check the company’s reviews to spot however different radical rated their communication.

Best Fresh Dog Food Brands

Now that you cognize what to expect erstwhile buying caller canine food, let’s instrumentality a look astatine immoderate options. Here are 10 of the champion caller canine nutrient brands that tin assistance support your furry person healthy.

1. Ollie

Ollie caller  canine  food

Ollie’s subscription nutrient is catered to your dog’s nutritional needs. New customers volition capable retired a quiz astir their canine truthful Ollie tin nonstop them a starter container with personalized nutrient based connected their dog’s age, breed, and enactment level. Then, customers tin get their Border Collie‘s nutrient delivered to them connected a acceptable schedule. The nutrient arrives frozen, truthful favored parents tin fto it thaw erstwhile it’s clip to provender it to their pups.

The nutrient comes with feeding instructions that are some elaborate and casual to understand. Ollie has beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb proteins available. They besides person treats and supplements that tin beryllium purchased by members and delivered alongside their caller meals.

The nutrient is ever made successful tiny batches astatine USDA kitchens utilizing human-grade ingredients. Ollie’s protein-packed recipes are cautiously crafted with full foods and slow-cooked for maximum nutrition and flavor. When recommending a repast plan, Ollie’s team will instrumentality important aspects into account, specified arsenic value goals and allergies.


  • Personalized for your dog
  • Ships connected a acceptable docket – you tin take however often you privation nutrient deliveries
  • Formulated by a canine nutritionist
  • Comes with a scoop and puptainer to assistance you portion and store meals
  • Uses human-grade ingredients
  • Made successful USDA kitchens
  • Comes with elaborate feeding instructions
  • Ollie’s subscription nutrient is catered to your Border Collie pup’s needs. New customers volition capable retired a quiz astir their canine truthful Ollie tin nonstop them a starter container with personalized food. Then, customers tin get their dog’s nutrient delivered to them connected a acceptable schedule. The nutrient arrives frozen, truthful favored parents tin fto it thaw erstwhile it’s clip to provender it to their pups.

    2. Nom Nom

    Nom Nom caller  canine  food

    Nom Nom has the easiest strategy to use. The meals are portioned successful compact vacuum-sealed bags, truthful each you person to bash is unfastened the packaging and determination the repast into your Border Collie pup’s bowl. Their meals tin see beef, chicken, pork, oregon turkey.

    You’ll commencement by telling Nom Nom astir your dog. Then, they’ll formulate meals that cater to your Border Collie‘s needs. They’ll regularly vessel the caller nutrient to your doorway portion keeping it acold until you usage it.

    The recipes lone usage earthy ingredients similar nutrient and vegetables. The nutrient is packed with indispensable nutrients and nary filler ingredients. Nom Nom uses a colorful blend of lone human-grade ingredients that are USDA-certified.


    • Personalized for your dog
    • Servings are individually packaged
    • Recipes are formulated by a veterinarian and nutritionist
    • Ingredients are earthy and human-grade
    • Food is delivered to your doorway and kept cold

    3. Raised Right

    Raised Right lone sells fresh, human-grade canine and feline food. The nutrient is slow-cooked connected debased heat, truthful it tin clasp its moisture and nutrients portion inactive gathering each the required wellness and information standards. For dogs, they merchantability beef, turkey, chicken, oregon pork arsenic the superior protein. The recipes are designed by vets and canine nutritionists, and they person constricted ingredients to marque them a large enactment for dogs with delicate stomachs.

    This marque doesn’t merchantability immoderate already-made formulas, but instead, they make a customized repast program based connected your Border Collie‘s needs. The questionnaire isn’t arsenic thorough arsenic it is for different personalized caller nutrient brands. The frozen nutrient is shipped to your door. You’ll request to defrost it overnight and scoop retired your pup’s information to service their meal. If you don’t privation to service lone this nutrient to your Border Collie, you tin acceptable up a repast program that allows you to premix the caller nutrient with your dog’s adust food.

    Transparency is important to this brand. On their website, they person a representation that shows you wherever each constituent is sourced from. Each batch goes done strict laboratory information investigating earlier being shipped to customers, and the nutrient is ever prepared successful USDA-certified kitchens.


    • Personalized nutrient for your Border Collie
    • Shipped to your door
    • Made successful USDA-certified kitchens
    • Website shows a representation of wherever each ingredients are sourced from
    • Good for dogs with delicate stomachs

    4. A Pup Above

    A Pup Above caller  food

    A Pup Above sells adust canine food, but they’re champion known for their caller canine food. You tin besides bargain combos of the adust and caller food. This marque doesn’t supply a personalized work similar immoderate of the different brands, but you tin prevention wealth if you get a subscription. The nutrient is delivered successful frozen packages to your door, but a fewer stores besides merchantability it.

    This marque uses sous vide cooking, which means “under vacuum” successful French. The nutrient is vacuum sealed and cooked astatine a precise somesthesia to sphere the spirit and nutrients. When you person the food, you tin fto it thaw successful the fridge overnight earlier your Border Collie‘s adjacent meal.

    The caller nutrient options travel successful beef, pork, turkey, oregon chicken. You’ll find however galore patties to springiness your Border Collie based connected their weight. All the formulas are created by a veterinary nutritionist, and they’re lone perfect for big dogs, not puppies.


    • Sous vide cooking
    • Shipped to your doorway and disposable successful immoderate stores
    • Crafted by a veterinary nutritionist
    • Only made with human-grade ingredients
    • Made successful a USDA-approved kitchen

    5. Spot & Tango

    Spot & Tango Fresh Food

    Spot & Tango sells 2 types of food: accepted caller nutrient and Unkibble. Unkibble is simply a much affordable caller nutrient enactment that resembles kibble, but lone uses fresh, full ingredients. Unkibble has recipes with fish, beef, and chicken, portion the accepted caller nutrient comes with turkey, beef, oregon lamb.

    Both types of caller nutrient are personalized based connected your Border Collie‘s needs earlier they’re sent to you. All you request to bash is capable retired a questionnaire astir your dog, and the marque volition make a personalized repast plan. Both types of nutrient usage human-grade ingredients, and they’re formulated by veterinarians and carnal nutritionists.

    Once you acceptable up a repast program for your Border Collie, you tin get the nutrient shipped to your door. The caller nutrient arrives frozen, and the Unkibble is simply a unsocial benignant of caller nutrient that’s dry. The slim packaging of the accepted caller nutrient comes successful serving sizes, truthful it’s wide however overmuch you request to provender your canine per meal. You’ll find full ingredients successful the canine food.


    • Has 2 types of caller food: accepted recipes and Unkibble
    • Ships to your doorway successful slim packaging
    • Personalized for your Border Collie
    • Formulated by vets and carnal nutritionists
    • Made with human-grade ingredients

    6. Open Farm

    Open Farm caller  nutrient  recipe

    Open Farm is simply a favored nutrient marque with a assortment of products, including adust food, bedewed food, freeze-dried earthy food, treats, supplements, and toppers. Yet, they besides person a “gently cooked” canine nutrient option, which is 1 of the champion caller canine foods. The Gently Cooked canine nutrient is slow-cooked to sphere the nutrients of its human-grade ingredients.

    This marque has 4 caller canine nutrient recipes: beef, chicken, turkey, and surf & turf. The recyclable nutrient packaging is transparent, truthful you tin spot the assortment of ingredients earlier you unfastened the package. The batch codification connected the packaging traces each constituent to its source, truthful you’ll cognize precisely what your Border Collie is consuming. All the nutrient comes from humanely-raised animals.

    You tin get the nutrient shipped to your door, oregon you tin find it successful prime stores. It’s shipped frozen to sphere the freshness. Open Farm doesn’t supply customizable plans similar immoderate of the different brands, but you tin capable retired a speedy questionnaire connected the website to cipher a customized serving size for your Border Collie pup. The institution focuses connected sustainability by making an effort to trim its c footprint.


    • Ships to your doorway and is offered astatine prime stores
    • Uses human-grade ingredients
    • Has recyclable packaging
    • All ingredients tin beryllium traced to their source
    • Calculates your Border Collie‘s customized serving size for you

    7. The Farmer’s Dog

    Farmer's Dog caller  food

    The Farmer’s Dog is different caller nutrient subscription work that volition vessel close to your door. The marque works with vet nutritionists to physique a program for your Border Collie based connected the accusation you provide. They tin vessel to the 48 contiguous states connected a continuous schedule.

    The nutrient arrives astatine your doorway frozen successful ready-to-serve, biodegradable packages. The feeding and storing instructions are casual to follow, and they person your dog’s sanction connected them, truthful you cognize you’re getting their peculiar meal.

    All the ingredients utilized successful these meals are human-grade, and the meals are made successful a USDA-approved room successful the United States. This marque has turkey, beef, chicken, and pork formulas, each of which are made with nary fillers oregon preservatives.


    • Has eco-friendly packaging
    • Personalized for your Border Collie
    • Vet nutritionists assistance formulate the meals
    • Only made with human-grade ingredients
    • Food is delivered to your doorway frozen
    • Made successful USDA-approved kitchens


    8. PetPlate

    PetPlate caller  canine  food

    PetPlate is different caller canine nutrient transportation marque that personalizes your Border Collie pup’s meals. You tin stock immoderate characteristics astir your dog, and they volition trade a repast that’s steadfast and appealing to them. The meals are ever made with human-grade ingredients successful a USDA kitchen. The nutrient is flash-frozen earlier shipping to fastener successful the freshness.

    Border Collie parents tin take a afloat repast program oregon a topper plan. The meals whitethorn see beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, oregon venison arsenic the carnal protein. Customers tin besides physique their ain packs of supplements and integrated treats if they choose.

    All the meals are shipped successful recyclable containers that person resealable lids, making it casual to prevention other nutrient for later. The feeding guidelines for the personalized meals are printed connected the containers.


    • Comes successful recyclable containers
    • Personalized for your dog
    • Uses human-grade ingredients
    • Flash-frozen and shipped to your door
    • Made successful a USDA kitchen

    9. JustFoodForDogs

    Just Food for Dogs

    JustFoodForDogs is 1 of the champion caller canine nutrient companies for variety. They connection galore unsocial recipes, including options for dogs with peculiar needs, similar puppies, ample breed dogs, dogs with delicate skin, and dogs that request to suffer weight. They tin besides make a customized fare for your Border Collie if you bash a escaped consultation.

    Some different products see treats, supplements, and nutrient for cats. All products are designed by canine nutritionists. The nutrient is made successful a room that’s unfastened to the public, truthful funny Border Collie parents tin sojourn the installation to spot however the nutrient is made. In each recipe, you tin spot a colorful assortment of steadfast ingredients, including nutrient and vegetables. So, you’ll ne'er person to wonderment what’s going into your pup’s tummy.

    These meals whitethorn usage chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, venison, oregon food arsenic the carnal macromolecule source. The nutrient is shipped to your doorway frozen successful a thermal container with ice. They travel with informational pamphlets to assistance you successfully service and modulation the caller food. If you privation the nutrient connected a regular schedule, you tin acceptable up Autoship and take however often you privation canine nutrient to get astatine your door. A fewer stores merchantability this nutrient successful idiosyncratic arsenic well.


    • Can take from recipes oregon get personalized meals
    • Designed by canine nutritionists
    • Shipped to your doorway arsenic often arsenic you take (or offered astatine immoderate stores)
    • Made successful open-to-the-public kitchens
    • Made with human-grade ingredients and nary preservatives
    • Offers afloat container shipping arsenic an environmentally-conscious option

    10. Evermore

    Evermore boxes of canine  food

    Evermore has 4 recipes Border Collie parents tin take from: chicken, beef, turkey, and lamb. These meals are large for dogs with delicate stomachs due to the fact that they don’t see communal allergens, specified arsenic corn, soy, and potatoes. The beef comes from grass-fed cows, and the chickenhearted and turkey are free-range.

    This nutrient comes successful compact packaging that includes slim cardboard boxes and vacuum-sealed bags of nutrient inside. The nutrient is shipped frozen, and ample cases tin beryllium shipped connected a subscription basis. Select retailers successful the United States besides connection this nutrient in-store. The serving sizes are listed connected the box.

    Evermore crafts its recipes utilizing “a rainbow array of color” arsenic a mode to see a assortment of ingredients that person each the indispensable vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Evermore is simply a smaller concern compared to immoderate of the different caller canine nutrient brands, and they spouse with section rescues to supply nutrient to foster dogs.


    • Compact packaging
    • Ships to your doorway and is disposable astatine immoderate stores
    • Good for delicate dogs
    • Donates nutrient to foster dogs
    • Sources ingredients from humane and sustainable operations

    How to Transition Your Border Collie‘s Food

    When you power your Border Collie to a drastically antithetic diet, there’s a accidental they could get sick. So, if you power your canine from kibble to caller food, their tummy whitethorn not respond well. Even though caller canine nutrient uses steadfast human-grade ingredients, it’s drastically antithetic than your dog’s adust food. Thus, you’ll request to cautiously modulation them to the caller nutrient to debar digestive problems.

    Many of the brands person accusation connected however to modulation the nutrient connected their website, and their lawsuit work teams whitethorn beryllium consenting to springiness you proposal too. But here’s a wide docket you tin travel erstwhile transitioning your canine to a caller diet:

    • Days 1 and 2: 80% aged food, 20% caller food
    • Days 3 and 4: 60% aged food, 40% caller food
    • Days 5 and 6: 40% aged food, 60% caller food
    • Days 7 and 8: 20% aged food, 80% caller food
    • Day 9: 100% caller food

    This is simply a much cautious schedule, but the much gradual the modulation is, the little apt your Border Collie volition respond negatively. You tin set this docket based connected your pup’s needs. If your canine is much delicate to caller foods, you whitethorn privation to marque the modulation adjacent much gradual. On the different hand, if your canine seldom has digestion problems, the process doesn’t person to beryllium arsenic slow. It each depends connected your furry friend’s circumstantial needs.

    Dog eating retired  of bowl

    Choosing the Best Fresh Dog Food

    The champion caller canine nutrient volition beryllium antithetic for each dog. Look astatine the benefits of each the brands mentioned supra to assistance you determine which 1 volition beryllium the healthiest and astir appealing for your Border Collie pup.

    Fresh canine nutrient is large for your furry person due to the fact that it has earthy ingredients you tin consciousness comfy giving your pup. Many brands volition marque the process adjacent easier by shipping customized meals close to your door.

    If you’ve been reasoning astir improving your Border Collie‘s diet, see switching them to a caller canine nutrient marque to reap the health, taste, and convenience benefits.

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